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Japanese society can come up with great ideas, but a lot of times major ideas are not thought through all the way. This was one of those ideas, it was innovation for innovations sake and didn't really solve the problem of too many seniors and not enough facilities to take care of them. I mean, how much human care could $100,000 have provided to an entire senior center? Economically it didn't even make sense.

A basic tenant of human care is the human interaction part of it. People (yes, we're talking about people here! Seniors are still people!) still need human interaction and care that no robotic platform will ever provide. Full stop. Never.

The Courts

Submission + - Feds Take Down Six Sports Video Sites (

An anonymous reader writes: Too strong an interest in sports has been known to harm bodies and marriages. But become a homeland security threat? You had to wonder when six popular sports video streaming sites, including Roja Directa and ATDHE, were taken down and their domains seized yesterday by ICE — Homeland Security Investigations, part of Homeland Security’s Bureau Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The reason was allegations by major U.S. sports leagues of alleged copyright infringement, with action timed to happen right before the Super Bowl.

Submission + - Companies Begin To Announce Sandy Bridge Returns (

Blacklaw writes: Following Intel's announcement of a major flaw in the Cougar Point chipset for its latest Sandy Bridge processors, manufacturers with products affected by the fault have started to announce how they're going to address recalls. The design flaw in Intel's Cougar Point chipset, which the company announced yesterday, results in the SATA ports on the board gradually 'decaying' over time — until they're all-but unusable.

A list of companies that have announced recalls for end-user, plus links to their recall notices, is available here.

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They sold the best software mechanism (software codec) -directly- to DAW vendors for general purpose computers for at least a decade (up until the 3.96 branch of LAME). Through Telos Corp. they sold the best hardware codec for remote audio ISDN transmission in the layer-3 equipped Telos Zephyr. The gold standard (still to this day) in remote audio transmission for broadcast and production studios.

Methinks YOU are more of a troll than Fraunhofer ever will be!

Comment Re:Pretty soon... (Score 2) 765

Please mod parent DOWN with a capital D!!! If you've ever followed the history of audio compression in software codecs AND hardware ASIC's it's pretty obvious Fraunhofer was -directly responsible- for the most significant developments of the past decade! Original layer 2 and layer 3 methods and patents, spectral band replication, low delay, high efficency, etc. See also; AAC. Trolls??? Uh, not so much dude!

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