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Comment Re:Pretty soon... (Score 1) 765

They sold the best software mechanism (software codec) -directly- to DAW vendors for general purpose computers for at least a decade (up until the 3.96 branch of LAME). Through Telos Corp. they sold the best hardware codec for remote audio ISDN transmission in the layer-3 equipped Telos Zephyr. The gold standard (still to this day) in remote audio transmission for broadcast and production studios.

Methinks YOU are more of a troll than Fraunhofer ever will be!

Comment Re:Pretty soon... (Score 2) 765

Please mod parent DOWN with a capital D!!! If you've ever followed the history of audio compression in software codecs AND hardware ASIC's it's pretty obvious Fraunhofer was -directly responsible- for the most significant developments of the past decade! Original layer 2 and layer 3 methods and patents, spectral band replication, low delay, high efficency, etc. See also; AAC. Trolls??? Uh, not so much dude!

Comment Cisco naming scheme (Score 1) 1184

So, does anyone else see how much Apple is taking from Cisco in relation to their naming schemes? iPhone is a Cisco trademark under license to Apple iOS is a Cisco trademark under license to Apple Apple has named their OS releases after "big cats", a term used when speaking about Catalyst switches. Anything else I missed?

Comment Re:Yarrrr... (Score 1) 572

Yes, this is the affordable route, but the Behringer adapter offers limited input quality. Henry Engineering, (their Matchbox [impedance and level matching box] long a staple spied everywhere in broadcast provides MUCH cleaner audio, albeit for a price.

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