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Comment Re:Cut YouCut (Score 1) 760

Fine. So let's have ONLY people with degrees in Science to go and vote which NSF projects are considered wasteful. Even better, do it in a peer-reviewed way. I know it's political anathema, but I honestly believe that at some point in history, we'll have to explore the idea that not every vote should have the same value.

Comment Re:Perhaps someone can explain to me (Score 1) 142

VMs are great abstractions, but they are still tied to the 'plumbing' underneath.

If you pack one or more VMs with an XML wrapper that defines ALL your service levels, from Security and Compliance to DR, to expected I/O performance, you get something called a vApp (standarized with the OVF 1.0 format specification).

Now you defined exactly what does your application need. The next step is to make sure the underlying infrastructure is capable of properly fulfilling that SLA. That is achieved by abstracting the concept of datacenter (virtual datacenter in this case). VMware coded that into their vCloud Director product which will make sure that if you land a vApp, the infrastructure can fulfill the SLA.

All this is not as simple as landing a VM on a hosting provider. You need automation, end-to-end security and above all, you need to "trust" that your infrastructure will take care of your SLA automatically. Otherwise trigger-happy lawyers can get involved.

Disclaimer: I work for VMware.

Comment Re:What cloud? (Score 5, Informative) 142

No. The term "cloud" may have started as a buzz word but it has taken some serious shape in less than a year. For a serious, comprehensive definition, check a short document posted by NIST.

In short, "Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction".

It doesn't have to be necessarily hosted on external providers. It may very well be an internal, Private Cloud. And if it's built on top of open standards such as the vCloud API, you may end up with vApps that can be moved from internal to external clouds and back, as well as hybrids.

Comment Don't fear ESXi (Score 1) 384

I run my whole house from an ESXi box I built from scratch. I first made sure the hardware I bought has drivers to run with ESXi, load the .dd image into a flash drive, boot from there, and it's up and running a minutes.

As I have an Intel NIC with 2 ports, one port is connected to my ISP cable modem, and the other one to my Gig switch. One Ubuntu server VM is configured as a router between both networks, and all the basic services are running there. Firewall, Asterisk, DNS, DHCP, OpenVPN, etc.

Other VMs are in separate virtual switches and provide different functionality. I have a massive 1.5 TB VM as a fileserver (NFS/CIFS, etc) where I store all my data files, and yes I also use Lightroom. That server also hosts my movie and music libraries, but the services for those (DLNA, daap, etc) run on separate VMs.

Overall, I have 8-10 VMs working happily in a single 12 GB RAM box with a regular modern quad-core single CPU Intel chip and 2 x 1.5 TB hard drives.

Granted, I work for VMware and I'm trained on these things, but the setup and maintenance of the system is trivial. I spend more time configuring my VMs properly and making sure everything is properly updated and secured, but other than that, it's a set it and forget it type solution.

Comment Re:FTFS (Score 1) 403

Mod parent up. There are many newer alternative solutions these days. The game is not only with Apple and Google. I'm still really impressed with the WDTV box. It eats virtually every file format you through at it and it works fantastically well just with the default settings. One big differentiator for me was support for deep color over HDMI 1.3.

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 293

As a Chilean living in the US for 12 years now, and contrary to some of my countrymen comments in this particular thread, I believe your analysis is fairly accurate. IMHO, the recent shift to the center-right in Chilean politics, it has to do more with specific local issues (i.e. crime, perceived inefficacy of the previous administration, etc) than overall philosophy.

People tend to be more pragmatic in general than what I used to see back in the 80s where everybody was more polarized pro or against Pinochet. Chile has come a long way since then, and the 'P' word is no longer scary. May of us who were in opposite sides of the debate back then can now talk pretty much openly about it now.

I was CTO of a successful ISP back in the mid 90s in Chile, and back then we were already pushing for Net Neutrality. The biggest issues were that most of the content was foreign origin and the international satellite and later fiber links were very expensive. However, the Chilean Internet itself has grown to unbelievable levels in recent years, and the government itself has embraced it for virtually all sort of interaction with the public, so those are becoming non-issues.

I've done business personally in every single Latin American country, and I truly believe that Chile is Latin America's lab. Ideas get tested there, and if they are successful, they are replicated everywhere. I look forward to see how this law gets implemented (and circumvented) in the coming months, and see how the adjacent countries will use this experience... kudos to my home country for this show of leadership!

Comment In the 50s (Score 1) 525

It never cease to amaze me all the micro-climates we have in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in Mill Valley, just North of SF, and I've been in the 50s (F) all week, with all the marine layer fog we get near the coastal areas. I drive 10 minutes North, or East, and it's at least 25-30 F hotter.

At least from my perspective, I couldn't be in a better place weather-wise... you can actually choose your temperature by driving 10 minutes around...

Comment Re:Coffee party (Score 1) 703

Really? did you go to one of the meetings? I doubt it, because you sound like you have no idea what this thing is really about about.

I went to the meeting yesterday and MOST people I met would qualify as independent, centrists with few on the center-left and few on the center-right. All if not most felt disenfranchised. People that originally supported Obama because of the "Change" mantra are disappointed when they see little to no change at all.

I couldn't care less how the Coffee Party was started or who started it. The movement has a life of its own. The people is making it that way.

I see nothing wrong with the idea that just regular folks can get together and talk about politics, and particularly doing so in a climate of civility and respect for other people's point of view. This was poised to happen, given the discourse we see from Washington. Who cares if a former activist and film maker did it? It could have been a retired Admiral and it would be the same.

And before you go bashing me, I have as many Libertarian ideas as I have Socialist ones. I'm all over the spectrum and I'm trying to find a common ground with the system in this country instead of proposing a rip-and-replace model that won't go anywhere.

Comment Re:Better than (Score 3, Interesting) 82

Look, Chile implemented some really good construction codes after the 1985 quake in Santiago, which coupled to the remarkable economic growth and new buildings built after that, has resulted in a highly improved situation, which has been proven today. But that is mostly in Santiago. Look at what's going on in Concepción, Talcahuano and the smaller communities in the South...

The fact that building codes are much better now is NOT an excuse to be arrogant. Even 1,000 deaths is a lot of people. People with families. I'm also a Chilean geek living in Silicon Valley, and I've spent all day using all available technology to connect not only with my family, but to help others connect with their loved ones. Live Chilean Internet TV + Tweeter + Facebook + Google Voice with SMS and my Asterisk-Gizmo SIP link + IM + Skype + probably more that I'm forgetting now.

Instead of betting on the number of deaths and brag about the building codes, get off your ass and start helping in any way you can.

Submission + - Programmer plane crash targeted feds (msn.com) 4

Paul Fernhout writes: Embedded software developer Joseph Stack allegedly intentionally flew a small plane into government offices in Austin, TX, in an act that has been labeled as domestic terrorism. He cited, among other things, IRS regulations about independent contractor status as well as other issues related to government corruption.

Could his behavior have been partially due to vitamin D deficiency syndrome from indoor work? Could vitamin D deficiency also have contributed to the violent behavior alleged of Hans Reiser or Amy Bishop? And is part of the problem also that Joe Stack was not talking to anyone about any of this to think through real solutions and find positive things to do that, as Mr. Rogers sang, would not hurt himself or anyone else?

Here are some useful resources for preventing more copycat violence to show how there are plenty of alternatives to violence despite Joe Stack's claim otherwise in his manifesto:
Treating Disease With Vitamin D
Surviving America's Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy
Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals
Albert Einstein on: Religion and Science
A wombat talks about a global mindshift
TED | Peter Eigen on moving beyond corruption
The Optimism of Uncertainty
Social Movements and Strategic Nonviolence

As another software developer who has done embedded work, here are some non-programming things I've worked on related to helping people see positive alternatives to violence:
Possible cures for a jobless recovery
Post-Scarcity Princeton, or, Reading between the lines of PAW for prospective Princeton students, or, the Health Risks of Heart Disease
Rebutting Communiqué from an Absent Future

The amazing thing to me is not that stuff like this happens. What is amazing is that it does not happen more often, which is a tribute to most of humanity's basic social nature. In a way, even Joe Stack chose a relatively limited approach; an embedded software developer such as he was could have done far more damage if trying to create general mayhem (he could have tampered with nuclear power plants or medical devices or airplane software). There is also irony here that a person took a very advanced piece of technology — a private airplane, and all that it represents as a technological marvel — and used it to destroy a past instead of to create a future.

What do people think and feel about all this?


Submission + - VMware to acquire Zimbra (zimbra.com)

Sherloqq writes: VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zimbra, a leading vendor of email and collaboration software, from Yahoo! Inc.

Here: http://www.zimbra.com/about/vmware-acquires-zimbra.html and here: http://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/zimbra.html

Comment Re:The VDI Protocol Wars (Score 1) 79

h4rr4r, I would love to comment on this, but I'm under NDA rules... in any case, I can say a lot of very interesting thing are coming from VMware in 2010 that will show there is still a lot of room for innovation in this field.

I encourage you to reach out to your VMware Systems Engineer and ask for an NDA Roadmap for the Management products. You'll leave that meeting with a smile, and the same warm and cozy feeling you get after having some nice pasta... ;-)

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