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Comment This is a great step! (Score 1) 200

This is an exciting new step for us all!

Want to visit Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya? Don't worry! Nothing bad has ever happened there! Just think of the tourist dollars coming in (but not a lot of tourists making it out, but we'll be suppressing that.)

Want to finally put that nasty 9/11 behind us? Fantastic! We wiped the twin towers from history just like a church in the Soviet Union! Never happened!

Comment Re:Just stop it! (Score 1) 344

Depending on the land taxes, it doesn't take much.

The city I'm in has ridiculously high land taxes, equal to 300 dollars a month. a fixed rate 30 year mortgage for $200,000 at 4% will cost about 400 dollars a month in interest, all totaled.

So we're talking $700/month already. My rent is 900/month,so all it takes is 200/month or 2400/year of house maintenance to completely wipe out any savings in equity. The house I'm in already needs major work that would cost much more than that if it were my problem. You're probably going to want to insure that investment too, further cutting into your principle.

Comment Re:next we'll hear that Dell is in trouble... (Score 1) 354

From where I'm sitting, computing works best with a 3 tiered approach.

1. Primary computing from a desktop computer for all sorts of base station tasks, such as file archiving and downloading or gaming.
2. Secondary computing from a netbook for tasks that require the flexibility of windows or linux on x86, but with the portability and safety of a 250 dollar netbook instead.
3. Tertiary computing from a smart phone for tasks that don't require great flexibility or controls.

Even though I travel a lot now, I still find this paradigm applies. My base station is still great for having physically secure, reliable, safe storage and high powered processing power; my secondary computing comes from one of the new breed of laptops with netbook level processing power (full size laptop with an AMD c50 apu), but only because I spend so much time away from my base station. Despite having great uses for both of my computers, my mobile phone is perfect for a lot of times I won't have a real computer in front of me.

Netbooks and tablets both attempt to fill the niche of secondary computing. Most people can't afford a desktop replacement for secondary computing, or they don't want to travel with an expensive desktop replacement, or they can't handle the size or power or heat of a desktop replacement.

Comment Re:Give to 1 area, ur taking from another (Score 1) 112

Not necessarily.

There are plenty of adaptions that make sense from a survival standpoint that don't make sense from a design standpoint. Immediately apparent, a body would limit growth in an environment where food is scarce. The increased protein required wouldn't hurt a rat in a cage fed a balanced diet, but could cost a rat in the wild its survival. Hence, despite having a more powerful body without real consequences, the mouse with this gene would be less survivable and thus the trait would be phased out over time.

Comment Re:next we'll hear that Dell is in trouble... (Score 1) 354

I'm running an Acer Aspire with an AMD C50 processor. Full size keyboard, big nice looking screen, and a powerful video card. Battery life is respectable. Probably could be much more with a third party battery. It ran me about as much money as the netbooks I've been buying left and right.

It's all about what you're using the machine for, but considering what I want this machine for (basically surfing the web during my many hours at airports), it works great, and best of all it doesn't run hot, unlike the V150 powered machine I had last.

Comment Re:Just stop it! (Score 1) 344

You seem to have misunderstood me.

After paying rent payments for 360 months, I'll have more money than I would have paid towards the principle in my home. Therefore, after 360 months, I'll own a larger chunk of cash than I would have had equity in my home.

This means that after that 30 years, I could buy a house cash, and have a bunch of money in the bank, instead of having a house and being broke.

Comment Re:Pirate attitude (Score 1) 309

There exists such a thing as "Squatter's rights", where those who abandon physical property can lose their claim to it. Similarly, if a company abandons their property and refuses to sell it to me, I shall take their actions as relinquishing the responsibility and thus relinquishing the fruits of ownership.

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