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Submission + - 30,000 Electronic Surveillance Orders Issued Per Year In US (

SmartAboutThings writes: "Have you ever had the feeling that somebody is watching you? For some, it might be just the paranoia talking, but in reality, should we be concerned? According to the paper recently published by US Magistrate Judge Stephan Smith entitled “Gagged, Sealed & Delivered” we should be very worried. In the essay, he makes the unsettling presumption that federal judges are apparently issuing 30,000 secret electronic surveillance orders each year."

Comment Re:a thought (Score 2) 279

You're assuming that you're chaining the new AES key into the preceding message. Better to increase the frequency of the PKI handshake and periodically exchange new, clean AES keys.

As for the parent's question about a new key for each message - you could exchange one-time keypads securely and then use a new keypad with each message. Bulky, but guaranteed to be as secure as your exchange and storage mechanisms.

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