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Comment Ah-HA (Score 5, Interesting) 218

So THIS is why they converted to the consumer benefit-free data-bucket plans. You can add any device to your plan, but they'll make sure it bites your smartphone and every other device in your plan in the ass if you make a single wrong step. Well played.

FCC: "Can you hear us now?"
VZN: "Yeah, and we got it covered."

Comment Self-Driving cars (Score 4, Interesting) 111

As a motorcyclist, hell, I'd trust a TI-85 with a camera to steer, over the uncomfortably large percentage of SUV drivers that occasionally interrupt their texting sessions by glancing up at the road. Anything that improves the technology to prevent careless accidents is good in my book, and I would think the most beneficial application would be in respects to the self-driven cars, like the ones Google is developing, no?

Comment Seems like... (Score 1) 660

This seems like it'd be better suited as a poll with options. That being said:

I like the size of the iPhone because it's just the right size. Regardless of whether Jobs would bless my holding-technique, it fits right in there, and my average-sized mitts can reach the whole screen without needing two hands. On the rare occasion I find my phone accidentally being held Landscape, I'm often initially awkward in putting two hands on the device. Just doesn't feel right.

I had a brief fling with a Droid X last year. The nice thing was the screen the size of a toaster. The problem was... the screen the size of a toaster. There were times I'd reach for an icon and... can't quite get there, damnit, ok, shift the phone a little in my hand, retry, nnngghh ok got it. Frustrating.

Comment Re:Saves nothing, really. (Score 1) 307

I don't really see the outrage necessary over paying $1.80 a day to carry the Internet around in my pocket. I know for a fact people spend more than that on coffee every day, and I get more out of my cell than that. People pay double that for cable, and arguably all THAT is is paying for home-delivery of video advertisements.

Comment Saves nothing, really. (Score 2, Informative) 307

In my case, 4 friends and myself all have smartphones together on my plan. Since nobody really talks on their phones much (what is this, 1992?) we share a 700 minute plan, and have something like 4,500 rollover minutes. But we do use a good bit of data and billions of texts are sent every month. (3 women.)

So I did some quick calculation: $90 a month for the 6GB plan with all the unlimited texting and etc. 5 smartphones at $35 a piece, yielding monthly total of $265 before taxes. Right now, our bill is $280 after taxes. That's $56 a month per person. Not so bad. The new plans would put us at $53 per person. /shrug. So we gain unlimited talk time we don't use, save $3 per person a month. Not terribly motivating.

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