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Journal Journal: A personal appeal... 1

I wonder if wikipedia would put my ugly mug up there with "A personal appeal from wikipedia reader": "Please, pay them so they'll stop posting all these ugly mugs on the top of every page!"

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Journal Journal: "Please download your personal attached login page" 1

Just got some lame phishing email with an .html attachment telling me I needed to urgently update my bank information or my account would be terminated.

Please tell me that this phisher is just a complete idiot who was too lazy to copy the bank's website onto his domain, and there are no banks (or other institutions) that actually email users their login page...

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Journal Journal: What the *fuck* people? More research? 1

Wasn't the UI research project that became D2 bad enough?

Do we REALLY need to have a sidebar of snide comments by trolls next to every comment?

The very first comment I see with this new system, we have roman_mir "distilling" the text "It requires fraud, misrepresentation. US Govt is not lying about where the money goes." to "I don't know what a ponzi scam is, but I will pretend I do. I also don't understand lies, when I hear them"

He's absolutely right (with regards to ponzi scheme not requiring fraud, he's welcome to prove that he's heard the government lie about what it's spending the money on), but that doesn't make him come off as any less of a complete asshole by using this distillery bullshit rather than a reply-able comment.

who needs to fix bugs when we can add new ones!

just to be sure...

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Journal Journal: So everyone quits and things get better? 2

Some time this morning, clicking ceased to open collapsed parent posts (in Chrome). And this time they managed to fix it without making it impossible to click on links.


Who knows, maybe some of you can even read this line.

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Journal Journal: US Credit Rating Cut 2

Thanks to the AAA toxic mortgage bullshit, we already know the credit rating agencies give out whatever ratings they are paid to give, so all three of you who are left can place your bets here on who is paying S&P for an AA+ rating.

So I herd u liek extra lines

So I herd u liek extra lines

So I herd u liek extra lines

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Journal Journal: Damned gurus

So far this morning I've managed to eat breakfast, read the paper, vacuum, sweep, clean cat toilets, clean human toilets, and clean the shower.

What the hell am I going to do for the rest of the weekend other than sit here and refresh varnish errors?

Odd that some things (my comments page, the front page, my firehose journal search, and seem to work just fine.

BTW: If a varnish developer is reading this, you might want to think about failing in some more graceful way. If varnish ever comes up at work, the first thing I'm going to think is "Varnish? Isn't that that thing that keeps throwing up errors at slashdot all the time?"

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Journal Journal: Is it just me or is slashcode fucked again? 5

It appears they've fixed the issue where trying to click anywhere in an expanded child with a collapsed parent opened the parent and rescrolled the window to the parent.

It also appears that they chose to fix the issue by disabling clicking entirely within the comments section. Somehow, I can click reply, and clicking on collapsed comments opens them, but everything else... no. Can't click (or middle click) on links people post in their comments in IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, and Chrome. Firefox will not even allow me to right click on them: the context menu will not open (though if I click the link, which does nothing, then I can use the Context Menu key to open the context menu).

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Journal Journal: Suddenly, nested abbreviated comments! 1

Thousands of them!

Pulled up a story today and now all of the abbreviated comments are visible without having to open all of their parent comments. That also fixes the major issue with linking directly to a comment (you could only see the first comment in the tree and had to drill down to find the comment you were actually linking to).

Looks like someone is listening to some of the people, some of the time.

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Journal Journal: Chrome updates 2

Looks like Chrome updated itself when windows updated itself last night.

Doesn't seem to make slashdot any better, but there's some interesting choices made:

  • http:// disappears from the url bar. ftp:// remains, https:// stays and turns green.
  • Mousing over a link to display the URL at the bottom of the screen now truncates the link after the hostname, rather than chopping off the end. After a couple of seconds, the full URL is shown.
  • They got rid of the "paper" menu icon on the right, now there is only the wrench icon.

The change in the URL display is a nice deal, especially expanding to display the whole URL.


Journal Journal: Perfect Crime? 1

Let's say someone were to call the cops and cry about their daughter being kidnapped and they saw the guy and the car he jumped into, gave the cops the license plate number, and gets an amber alert issued. The guy gets caught and claims to have no clue what's going on, the caller confronts the kidnapper, crying "just tell me where you buried her body" and collapses in a fit of hysteria.

Would anyone think to demand proof that the daughter existed in the first place?

An interesting twist on the various recent crimes where people had made up a false attacker in order to cover up their own misdeed (or in the case of the cop who shot himself, because he's apparently crazy). Most of those eventually broke down under scrutiny or through the criminal's own guilt. But if someone made up a false victim, would the scrutiny fall in the right place?


Journal Journal: I think I've found the best browser for reading slashdot

Started using Chrome and now features on Slashdot finally Just Work. I can click on items in the firehose and the animation is displayed smoothly and completes in a fraction of a second instead of taking 3-4 seconds for the tags to jerk open and closed, leaving me to wonder if it even registered my click.

Not only that, but the resizeable textareas mean not having to put up with the tiny box I sometimes get when I reply.

Not only that, but I can open a story with more than 100 comments and it only takes 2-3 seconds to open a comment from abbreviated to full.

The only drawback is that now Google is watching me masturb^Wtroll anonymously.


Journal Journal: Having a hard time keeping up with these RINO memos

Right, so on the main page we've got a story about Pat Roberts (R?-KS) extolling the virtues of the federal government buying a city in order to save its occupants from the pollution he wants to keep the federal government from regulating.

So: R or RINO?


Journal Journal: Well Jimmy, since you asked so nice 7

Don't forget to write in your journals! It let's your friends know what you are thinking.

I'm thinking of something orange... something orange... give up? It's an orange!

OK, now I'm thinking of something blue. Something bluuuuuuueeeeeeee....

Journal Journal: The Woz... ballroom dancing

So my wife turns on the TV to watch Dancing With the Stars and who do I see but The Woz. That's right, Steve Wozniak... ballroom dancing. He looked more awkward and uncomfortable than I would have imagined, and I've practiced ballroom dancing. He did have a very joyful attitude.

If I voted it would go to David Alan Grier. He cracks me up.

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Journal Journal: How does a small wiki find contributors? 5

I launched the DocForge wiki for programmers almost two years ago. The intent is to grow a comprehensive reference for everyone who writes software. Unlike Wikipedia we accept original research and opinions.

We've had a few very helpful contributors, but most of the content has been posted by me. Some of the articles use Wikipedia content as a starting point, which helps. But I'm having a difficult time finding many others who are interested in making serious contributions. The irony of any wiki is it needs enough content to grow a community, but it needs a community to grow content. Ideally we'd eventually grow large enough to be able to hire some writers and editors as employees.

So how do we find people who are interested in contributing to DocForge? Paying for every contribution isn't a good idea because of politics, legalities, economics, and a low budget. I'd like to give occasional gifts to great contributors, but that doesn't bring in new writers. One promising way to go may be bounties, making donations to charities or open source projects when an article or section reaches a certain quality. On my low personal budget that could get expensive. What other options do I have? How could I attract those who are frustrated with Wikipedia's limitations and politics? How can I get the word out on this project to other programmers and academics (other than the obvious linking from dzone, etc.)?

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