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Comment Re:IDEs are good. UI builders are bad. (Score 1) 627

focused too much on graphical UI builders that produced brittle, often subtly buggy UIs

That's funny, back in the day UI libraries were brittle, often subtly buggy. See also: every dialog box form ever, when you try to use it on a Netbook with a 600 pixel high screen and the UI fails to implement some form of scrolling.

Comment Re:Long-term loss (Score 2) 520

How does moving 15Mbps of data across the internet fit in the open nature of the internet?

That's how it fits in the open internet.

Only in the Comcast(tm)-brand Comcastic(tm) Processed Internet Spread does it matter what's in those 15Mbps.

Why should Netflix free-ride

Since you think netflix is getting a free ride, you should have no problem agreeing to pay their bandwidth bill for them, after all it's free! Or are you knowingly lying?

Oh well, the argument is moot. Once AT&T, TWC, and all the other ISPs smell the blood in the water and come for their pound of flesh, Netflix will be done. As a bonus, facebook will probably be next. Followed by Amazon, Google, and everything else that was useful on the internet. Eventually they'll get down to slashdot and each ISP will demand a few million dollars to stop "free riding" on their ISP and we'll be forever free of the scourge of beta.

Comment Re:since when is the FBI a spy agency? (Score 1) 324

I'm quoting the Director of the NSA nearly word for word how the system operates, and how the data is used. If he's lying, then he's on public record and there are Intelligence committees in the US Senate and House which will call him to task for lying to either the public (the news piece I'm quoting from) or them (the House or Senate).

You're talking about James Clapper, right? Here's his words:

To me, collection of U.S. persons’ data would mean taking the book off the shelf and opening it up and reading it And this has to do with of course somewhat of a semantic, perhaps some would say too – too cute by half [definition]. But it is – there are honest differences on the semantics of what, when someone says ‘collection’ to me, that has a specific meaning, which may have a different meaning to [Sen. Wyden].

So you're right, he's not lying, because he gets to make up the meanings of the words he uses, so when he says under oath that the NSA does not "wittingly" collect Americans' data (despite collecting - English as she is spoke - data in the US), he's not lying because all they're doing it is putting it in a book and putting it on the shelf and just not opening the book and reading it, therefore in Bizzaro Clapperverse it is not collected. This despite the fact that the NSA has acknowledged that its powers have been used to spy on lovers. "Accidentally" of course.

Comment Re:Fez (Score 1) 669

I played Sine Mora for a bit on steam, but I suck too hard at it to get anywhere (the foreground parallax in the tunnel stages make it impossible for me to tell when I'm going to hit the walls, so I do. Repeatedly.) and the time mechanic just drives me up the wall (I'd rather something like Hitogata Happa where when time runs out everything goes hardmode and you have 0 lives left to finish the stage).

Comment Re:FTL Faster Than Light (Score 1) 669

I kind of gave up on the current run of rogue "inspired" games. You end up doing the same stuff over and over and you keep losing not because you aren't playing any better, but because the RNG decided to take a shit in your face. NetHack and the like usually gave you enough resources to feel like you could get somewhere (unless you decided to stick to a conduct like illiterate vegan atheist) but the current generation feels like the first three floors are populated with a handful of newts and maybe a rusty dagger, then the 4th floor has an army of mindflayers.

What I've been playing (Steam):
1. Van Helsing: a D2/torchlight clone with a pet ghost that has my sense of humor and is actually useful in battle, though I'm on the fence on whether to recommend to anyone else since it's currently buggy as fuck and every patch has broken as much as it has fixed (last patch broke the tower defense portion of the game: the "towers" don't do anything), and not everyone has a sense of [my] humor.
2. Electronic Super Joy, platformer to get the blood boiling.
3. Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate Black Package: danmaku shooter that satisfies my need to get a little farther each time (I'm this close to being able to 1CC easy mode... hey, I never said I was good at the game)
4. RingRunner: top-down 2D space shooter with a ton of customization capability. It has someone else's sense of humor so I end up skipping a ton of dialog (peanut butter cups get old).

Comment Follow the money... (Score 4, Informative) 109

My gut instinct says that very rarely do people in the public eye follow totally altruistic agendas, particularly when it comes to issues like this that have little to do with the common good. If you dig deep enough you can find special interest trails that more often than not uncover these people's true motivators. Just follow the money.

Comment (Score 1) 14

I was kind of hopeful for them. I thought maybe someone would step up and produce The Awesome (this is slashdot, after all) but so far all they've managed to do is set up a wiki and a phpBB forum. As their site says right now:

Yeah, yeah... we're working on it.

Their current project appears to be overlords that manage various features. I think by the end of the month the committee to determine the number of committees required to determine the site features will be issuing their report and work can begin on staffing the committees that will decide how many committees will be necessary to develop the site code.

On the slashdot side of things, the more I see of the beta, the more I'm reminded of the rollout of D2. So many of the problems the beta is having now are exactly like the problems D2 had when it rolled out (tiny comment boxes, inability to see anything when you clicked a comment link, etc) they eventually fixed these, but it's not encouraging to see the exact same mistakes being made again. We even lost some of the great features of D2 like hidden/collapsed/full comments and a nested view that didn't make it impossible to read a conversation that went on for more than a couple of posts.

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