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Comment Re:Sounds like a problem... (Score 1) 507

your parents buy you a health insurance plan before you're born

Hm, that's a bit farther than I'd go, but I had a similar idea based on the fact that I could get 3 million dollars in life insurance for about half the premium cost of a health insurance plan that had a 3 million dollar lifetime cap prior to obamacare: Buy health insurance when you're young and healthy, keep it forever, just like life insurance.

That said, half the reason why we have the ACA now is that in the run up to passing obamacare, insurance companies worked as hard as possible to make themselves be the assholes that needed the government to rein them in. You'd buy your 3 million dollar health insurance plan, and then the insurance company would say "oh nevermind" and cancel it once you hit the $500000 mark.

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Journal Journal: 2.8 seconds of hate - bash-completion 1

In an effort to be fancy and helpful, bash now has context aware tab completion (in the bash-completion package on Debian). Based on where you are and what command you're typing, pressing tab will Do (what the completion script writer thought was) The Right Thing.

Unless what you think is the right thing was was the behavior of older versions of bash where you could do


Comment Re:Developer or publisher? (Score 1, Insightful) 100

Unless someone shows otherwise, the apps mentioned seem to do what the software developers who created them made them do.

Does the app cause the phone to broadcast on the international avalanche transceiver standard 457kHz band? No? Then enjoy hearing the rescuers crunch by overhead while they look for you.

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