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Comment Re:Nice distro but they messed up the desktop (Score 1) 244

Are you telling me - in all seriousness - that Unity doesn't work with a multi-head setup? How the hell can they put it as default, then?

Good thing I only run 11.10 on my laptop for now (where I switched to XFCE), so I guess I'll switch to XFCE even before upgrading my desktop, or look into E17, so thank you for the heads-up.

Comment Re:Is this still... (Score 1) 138

Typical for /., I could just have checked - it's still here, but still without excercises.
It does remind me, though, of someone I have bought some hardware from, from time to time. He is a long time Mac user (i.e. before OSX), as his eyesight is bordering on complete blindness, and where the older Mac OS' (as OSX, I imagine) and for some time now also Linux has built-in tools for extreme screen magnification, the Windows versions of the day would only let you select higher contrast colour schemes, unless you shelled out DKK 5,000.- (approx. $1,000,-) for a commercial solution.
I imagine that the Wins are somewhat up to speed nowadays, but the habit of buying things that should be built in appears to die hard...

Submission + - Should we expect accountability from journalists? (

Fjodor42 writes: "Why is it we don't expect journalists to mention their primary sources, when this practice is sure to make you fail miserably in even the most basic levels of academic endeavor (high school for certain, don't know about earlier steps)?
The article mentions three outrageous examples of distortion of facts, but I'm fairly sure that there are more of those kind, than there are of factually sound articles around..."

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 238

Wouldn't that penalize those of us to take great efforts to keep calm and explain the details of the emergency instead of screaming "HELP! HELP!!! HELP!!!!!" into the microphone?

Very much the same argument as The Archon V2.0 just gave above, but posted anyway, to signify that I concur and feel sorry for people that I might try to call an ambulance for in the future...

Submission + - Raw Food is detrimental to your health (

Fjodor42 writes: "A clinical study of the so-called Raw Food-diets, where no element of one's food may have exceeded a temperature of 42C, finds significant risks to the health of followers.

Original article is in Danish, Google translation is at ."

Submission + - Medical students autopsied their teacher (

Fjodor42 writes: According to, students at Karolinska Intstitutet in Sweden, when faced with their first autopsy, and without prior knowledge, witnessed the aoutopsy of a former teacher. Google translation at .

Comment Re:Who's technically literate at PC-Pro? (Score 1) 702

Yeah, I should have mentioned that I did get your points, and the one you are making here, again, about not being able to be an expert or even "literate" in every field is an important one.

I just picked on your choice for the two reasons that I wanted to promote myself, and because of my assumption that most people would be culinarily literate enough to at least hard-boil an egg by following a recipe for it, and equating that with a very simple, even if cli-based, task, going on to speculate on the fear of it being the main obstacle.

Only now do I realize, that my expectations might actually be set to high in both regards :-P

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