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Comment Re:You have NO IDEA about job rights (Score 1) 249

I'm sorry if I appear dumb, though I suspect I might in the following, but I guess it would be due to the difference of cultures...

Here goes, however: True, some people might not be in need of this protection, but that, however, does not invalidate it's existence (at least to my mind), as long as "some people" aren't a full 100% of the work force...

Secondly, under employment regulations here in Denmark, and unstable job simply isn't "the only way around", since it's illegal in the first place. How is a bad job situation better than the same job, but with better protection, from the POV of the employee?

Finally, we also have an unemployment system, so it seems to me that you are promoting a system of a lesser degree of respect for the employee over one that matches every opportunity for said employee and adds job security, barring direct violation of the job contract (the content of which is subject to regulation limiting the employer's power), and thus, I fail to grasp your point...

Comment Re:It doesn't matter who is violating your rights (Score 1) 249

I am aware that the distance to the nearest central might affect the speed that the ADSL modem gets to connect at, and that is fair, I guess. Throttling my connection willfully, though, is a poor excuse for not having an infrastructure to match what they claim to offer.

And no, I have actually never been to the US at all, but what are you trying to tell me?

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Comment Re:Backwards? (Score 1) 507

Granted, if there is genetic predisposition for violence, then rehabilitation will be harder, but since you just up and call it impossible without citation, I'm just going to call it possible without citations too. There is, after all, something called the evolving mind...

If it's a matter of pathological psychology, however, an open-ended sentence to a psychiatric ward is in order instead, but definitely not run-off-the-mill prison!

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