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Comment m$ and browsers (Score 1, Insightful) 458

M$ spend YEARS ignoring browsers. "IE is good enough." Now that they have competition they care again about their browser. IE9 will be the bestest browser EVER! (What happened to IE8?) Will businesses finally see the light and realize that M$ is ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY. I hear the iPeople out there saying "Apple. Apple is better". No they are WORSE. Proprietary software and PROPRIETARY HARDWARE. Think IBM Mainframes baby.

Destroy IE6. How about money back to all the copies of Vista you forced on people who had to buy a new computer? Don't thrust them, microsoft, they will stop caring as soon as the market share is back up to 99.999999999%. Mr. Charged with destroying IE6 will be out of a job. Ready the "This site best viewed in IE9" banners so called webmasters. The internet will suck once more.

Comment djb worked on this (Score 1) 178

clockspeed uses a hardware tick counter to compensate for a persistently fast or slow system clock. Given a few time measurements from a reliable source, it computes and then eliminates the clock skew.

sntpclock checks another system's NTP clock, and prints the results in a format suitable for input to clockspeed. sntpclock is the simplest available NTP/SNTP client.

taiclock and taiclockd form an even simpler alternative to SNTP. They are suitable for precise time synchronization over a local area network, without the hassles and potential security problems of an NTP server.

This version of clockspeed can use the Pentium RDTSC tick counter or the Solaris gethrtime() nanosecond counter.

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