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Comment I'm guessing they already thought of this (Score 1) 214

I work in a data center in New Orleans, and so I am fairly familiar with this topic. Of course they're vulnerable. If you live in a region like this you better have a well thought coop/dr plan. We have a hot Site an actually migrate production services there several times before hurricane season and testing services there is part of our development/test process before things go into production. Outside of that, our building was designed to withstand a category 5 storm but the biggest problem is power. We are good for 72 hours on fuel for our generator, but if a Katrina size storm hit again refueling could become problematic. Also, there are personnel issue (evacuation orders, etc). If im at a small data center (relative to amazon/fb/etc) I would have to guess they are already all over this.

Comment There are plenty of programs to pattern already (Score 1) 462

I would look to pattern some of the many programs out there already. * Cover the highlights from A+ - Going over the highlights of hardware and actual function is a good place to start. Explain the basics, and potentially let them build a computer From the roll into the OSI / TCP-IP models - After learning how a computer works physically, rolling into the logical is well... logical. * Cisco ICND1 - This covers basic routing and switching, IP addressing, DNS, protocols, packets, frames, and a host of other stuff. * BASIC programming - I took this class in 10th grade 20 years ago, and probably took more away from it that I use now than any other class from high school. This provided the foundation to lead to analytical problem solving and understanding computer logic. I haven't written a program in BASIC since then, and it is still one of the best classes I've taken. I would also agree with one of the previous posters, I don't see the value of a hard text on this, it would definately be easier to keep current, as well as being more relevant if it was available online.

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