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Comment Re:To hell with the Boomers anyway. (Score 1) 233

I assume your about 36 to make such a comment. 1) oil: welcome to george bush presidency, with the war and such, there was more demand than supply, not that supply wasn't there, but raising costs to meet the demand was an added benefit for bush's 60% oil stock portfolio, to think some people go to jail for insider trading unless your a president! 2) music: that is uncalled for. I listen to music from every different genre, country, era, language on daily basis, I think your just narrow minded here. 3) love and greed: so your underpaid high school teachers preached to you out of love but because they accepted a paycheck they are greedy? 4) documentaries: compared to all the youtube videos of how cool the X generation is? Boomers and X generation are old now, the next generation also hates both of those generations music tastes, after all we are suppose to hate our parents music so to separate us independently from them and be "cool" amongst our friends. Not one is better than another, its all a lesson in life experience.

Comment Its not really inserting code into packet (Score 1) 271

Its not really advanced DPI filtering injecting code on a packet per packet basis, most likely what they doing is using firewall to redirect all port 80 outgoing traffic through a proxy like squid, nginx etc and those programs have a simple config type file you can edit to insert what you want. Its really an evasion of privacy to do this, even more so because hollywood and music industries latest way to make money is say, make a crappy cd of music, post it on a torrent, then go sue any IPs downloading it, asking ISP's to invade users privacy to snoop their traffic to obtain this information, yes, what a joke. What is really going to happen if ISP's continue down this road of not protecting users privacy, users will start using third parties to bypass their ISP's filtering and inspection, opening up a whole new problem of possible malware etc. I mean look at problem with not offering windows7 or windows8 free to begin with, people download and install it and take the malware just to get it free, at least OS's like linux have it right here. In my opinion if ISP's are doing any kind of packet inspection at all, yes its almost like having to pay a cable company to watch their ads, then their service should be sold at a reduced cost, and it should be made public their terms of service for handing you over to joe and pop music store law firm for downloading anything as well so you can take appropriate measures to bypass their inspection to protect their own privacy through encrypted VPN's or whatever they can.

Comment Re:Doesn't help (Score 1) 308

Well said that's how all the people feel on issue, real question is how we can go about opposing these corporations, just because a group of 50-500 with alot of money think they are self-riteous, how long can they stand against the whole world. I remember RIAA tried to stop peer file sharing in vancouver, canada one time, and smartly we told them to go to hell, why are USA judges so scared to stand for the people.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 210

You make no case how a consumer grade SSD would not last at least 10 years before normal replacement and upgrades compared to enterprise SSD. Sounds like your advertising for the enterprise guys to take money out of people's pockets. I have not had any issues running raided consumer SSD's.

Comment Sue the CIAPC (Score 1) 376

What they did snooping traffic is a clear violation of privacy, what someone does in their own house is their business. If this "scandinavia" has any self-respect, lawyers should step up to the plate, sue them hard, prevent this from happening to anyone else. Harrassing a 9 year old girl, stealing personal property(laptops etc), anyone else find this wrong?

Comment TOP 10% of intelligence (Score 1) 878

I have had priviledge of coding with best in the world, talking near perfect IQ tests, been to MIT etc. What they all had in common was their brain thinks faster than normal people, when they smoke pot they can actually focus and concentrate on code like a normal person. I remember one time one of these guys flunked a math test because he ran out, he rewrote it next day stoned and got a perfect 100%. For fun he'd sit up late at night stoned all the time hacking at the linux kernel trying to make it better. For normal people, there are 2 types, ones that shouldn't be programmers and ones that really do want to be there. The type that do want to be there come up with more creative ideas stoned, then implement them the next day, a coding block on an algorithm easily solved with having a joint, then tackling it the next day. Then there are the types that aren't creative that shouldn't be programmers to begin with that it doesn't help them at all. In overall society legalizing is probably a better thing, criminal minds that would go off committing crimes, instead smoke a joint, and say , screw it, lets just play xbox for rest of night, or just hang and chill, creating less work load on society. In general my opinion is do it in balance, don't smoke pot for 6 months straight or it will take you a full month to gain your longterm memory back, just do it here and there for a breather from life, as a sleeping pill or to overcome a coding block. Having a joint means you become effectively 2 people analyzing same problem, 2 minds are better than 1, and generally reason it is easier to solve problems thinking outside the box at times. I am definately not advocating smoking a joint everyday, unless you have no job or income(then go for it), but just in balance, it never hurts to approach things from a different philosophical perspective.

Comment all sys admins can program (Score 1) 298

I have never met one that couldn't program, I have actually found the opposite, the sys admins I have worked with could program better in more languages, and the coders could only code better at maybe 1 or 2. Sys admins need to know C, unix tools, windows tools, perl, php, shell, and a multitude of operating systems and different packaging systems that go along with that, they are generally more intelligent than the most intelligent programmer, and generally on spare time kernel hackers, so not sure what types you hang out with, but please don't insult the real admins :)

Comment Will make people go against the government (Score 1) 543

Just as raising prices on cigarettes would do nothing more than make them get them underground and despise the government, this will just turn the profits underground and under the table as well. They not going to police every garage sale , and certainly internet websites would pop up overnight allowing anonymous contacting of said products. Its really an issue of corporate greed vs blue collar empathy, they work hard for their money and have to be told now they can't sell their own posessions, I don't think so.

Comment Government trying to monopolize internet (Score 1) 177

ITs nothing new, egypt tried and failed horribly. If they put to much pressure on domain names to point of being able to disconnect them from internet, an underground dns server will startup in no time, just as file sharing overcame all no matter how many laws corrupt music and movie industry law makers made, this will be no different, you cannot stop a majority from getting at what they want, wiki leaks has proven this, file sharing has proven this, there is nothing people cannot do united.

Comment die then? (Score 1) 481

Like all things in life , if proper respect is not shown , people get their turn. If they run alot of opensource and do not contribute, then they only have themselves to blame when someone runs them off the road one day as an accidental death. We keep people around in life that respect all creatures and things that have helped them , no matter how small, people who walk over others to get to the top have "unfortunate" things happen to them or even worse we let them have alot of money to live a souless life after. Do not worry people, everyone has to own up when all their cards are played.

Comment Cut DHS Budget (Score 3, Insightful) 529

Wasting tax payers money protecting music and movie industry instead of all the middle class workers who want file sharing who make up majority of voters! People will fight back on this one, can't arrest every person in north america, and in the process they'll further worsen the american dollar, especially when they are forcing file sharers to secure domains and servers out of country. In grand scheme of things, movie and music industry will have to learn how to make money off banners and online marketing like rest of us, best thing we can do is run them out of money, and cut their abuse of government funding, with no money for lawyers , and hitting them where it counts, we can aspire to true freedom.

Comment time to switch to debian or ubuntu (Score 1) 159

Linux prides itself on having all hacking tools available so system administrators know how to attack so they know how to defend, and system admins are godly people that do not like to be told what to do, so 2 things will happen, distro switch or config their own repositories where they can still get them. I think fedora has forgotten target audience. Its like taking food away from a baby, good luck with that.

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