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Comment Government trying to monopolize internet (Score 1) 177

ITs nothing new, egypt tried and failed horribly. If they put to much pressure on domain names to point of being able to disconnect them from internet, an underground dns server will startup in no time, just as file sharing overcame all no matter how many laws corrupt music and movie industry law makers made, this will be no different, you cannot stop a majority from getting at what they want, wiki leaks has proven this, file sharing has proven this, there is nothing people cannot do united.

Comment die then? (Score 1) 481

Like all things in life , if proper respect is not shown , people get their turn. If they run alot of opensource and do not contribute, then they only have themselves to blame when someone runs them off the road one day as an accidental death. We keep people around in life that respect all creatures and things that have helped them , no matter how small, people who walk over others to get to the top have "unfortunate" things happen to them or even worse we let them have alot of money to live a souless life after. Do not worry people, everyone has to own up when all their cards are played.

Comment Cut DHS Budget (Score 3, Insightful) 529

Wasting tax payers money protecting music and movie industry instead of all the middle class workers who want file sharing who make up majority of voters! People will fight back on this one, can't arrest every person in north america, and in the process they'll further worsen the american dollar, especially when they are forcing file sharers to secure domains and servers out of country. In grand scheme of things, movie and music industry will have to learn how to make money off banners and online marketing like rest of us, best thing we can do is run them out of money, and cut their abuse of government funding, with no money for lawyers , and hitting them where it counts, we can aspire to true freedom.

Comment time to switch to debian or ubuntu (Score 1) 159

Linux prides itself on having all hacking tools available so system administrators know how to attack so they know how to defend, and system admins are godly people that do not like to be told what to do, so 2 things will happen, distro switch or config their own repositories where they can still get them. I think fedora has forgotten target audience. Its like taking food away from a baby, good luck with that.

Comment So our cars crash if no sunlight for the day (Score 0) 348

Not very intelligent in my opinion unless you live somewhere with guaranteed sunlight each day like phoenix,arizona, and even then must have backup source. We need to try to live off the grid first, till we can actually run our homes, fridges, stoves, computers off a generator off the grid without paying 20k+ for wind+solar components, we will not trust night drivers to any less reliability ie: death of a loved one on christmas driving to see us in the dark.

Comment I question if BELL had something to do with this (Score 0) 577

In recent lobbiest activity BELL has somehow convinced CRTC in canada to charge usage of bandwidth, meaning it will hit providers with this cost, which will then hit the consumer. CRTC has become evil, instead of telling BELL to increase amount of bandwidth, install new high speed lines, its more profitable to charge more for what is already there. WHen this happens there are only 2 solutions, need of competition on internet lines, and new compression formats for HD content. I see some very big problems with charging usage fees that even BELL are overlooking, like tons of lawsuits against them for instance for people getting hacked and being charged tons of fees. Shouldn't take that long for a hacker to hack a neighbors wireless router key, and download lots of movies for instance. COrrect title for this should be, companies destroying internet with usage fees.

Comment Re:What kind of law? (Score 0) 359

It will only work against them in long run, gamers want to play games off their hard drives, not have a million cd's taking up space. They also want to be able to load older games like nintendo roms and such and modify it way they want. If 360 is NOT cracked soon, ps3 will win the war since we can now jailbreak that system, code custom apps for it, and play downloaded games. Only thing MS has going for it is their xbox live, and that is only because the community has not yet converted to playing free on ps3, but with their recent announcement of raising prices on xbox live to compensate people slowly switching, they are only making it faster.

Comment Funny (Score 0, Troll) 457

This is assuming they are DOS'ing whitehats. I can see it now companies to DOS pirate sites, sites retaliate with thousands of botnets to take down the companies. Internet becomes utterly unusable because everyone just retaliates on everyone. Kind of reminds me of 911, US goes in and steals iraqs oil then acts all dumbfounded when they retaliated a few downed planes. 2 wrongs definately don't make a right, I agree with that, and if this company pisses off the wrong blackhat, they'll never have an internet presence again, its a catch22.

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