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Comment Re:Backwards Compatibility. (Score 1) 933

"Fucked up right from the ground" meaning that I can install 15-year-old software on it and have it run perfectly?

Did you every read about how they worked long hours fixing other people's bugs so that popular software packages would still run on Windows 95? Why? Because if a game worked on Windows 3.1 but didn't work on 95, people weren't going to say "those game programmers are bad". They were going to say "Windows 95 sucks".

Comment Re:Change for changes sake (Score 1) 933

Um, so what you're saying is that you don't understand programming?

If you don't want to rewrite it, then leave it alone. I have DirectX 3 games that will still run perfectly well under DirectX 11. Or do you also rewrite your code every time a new OpenGL extension comes out?

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 1) 544

the only way for a company to distinguish itself is to innovate faster than the competition can copy.

Or wait until someone else does the real work, then copy them with a couple of bug fixes. Which doesn't promote innovation at all.

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