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Comment Re:I can't join the free speech religion. (Score 1) 70

Then why do people insist that if THEY call it "art" it must be "art". And if I call it "Not Art", I'm a douche bag wanting to "censor" "free speech" ?

You can't say "art" is 100% subjective, and then say something is "art" with any sort of difinitive statements.

To me, art is easily defined this way: Requires skill, finese, aesthetics, flair, talent and nuance.

The sad thing is, by lowering the bar on what "art" is, we devalue the true works of art. And we are diminished for it.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 1) 841

"loud and large lobby of anti wind, anti solar and anti electric car types"

The most hypocritical of them are left wing psuedo-greenies. They are all for "green energy" until it impacts them and then they are the most vocal "anti wind" (harm the birds, bad view etc) anti solar(toxic Manufacturing) and anit electric car (won't approve any grid improvements due to environmental concerns).

While I don't agree with most of the hype of green energy types, I actually admire Ed Begley Jr for actually living the way he preaches.

Look, I'm all for "green" energy, and would love to make it work. However until costs comes down, and we are allowed to build the infrastructure for it without big fights with "environmental groups", I support the "everything" plan (coal, NG, Oil, Solar, Nuclear, Wind, Ocean etc). I support building the US as Energy Neutral, where we don't have to send money and troops to support (or fight) pety dictators in unstable regions. Let the rest of the world deal with them for a change.

Comment Re:More drone deaths (Score 0) 583

Not authoritarian people are "right wing". Both the Left and the right tend toward authoritarian rules, where government dictates rule over liberties. The problem with most of these people (both left and right) is that they don't see the problem with their version of authoritarian rule. Obama is authoritarian, but he is not "right wing" by any stretch of the imagination.

Comment Re:I can't join the free speech religion. (Score 1, Informative) 70

Two people doing it in front of a camera is no more "art" than me sitting at my computer typing ... in front of a camera is "art". We need to redefine what "art" is in the age of ubiquitous cameras.

I can see it now, the Sherrif's officers who beat Rodney King ... "Performance Art" ... because it was done on camera!

Comment Part of the problem: Gavin Newsome (Score 0) 173

Politicians are part of the problem, thinking that we can legislate all sorts of things and put up road blocks to change. By making it difficult to get through the endless series of red tape, agencies and other petty dictators that just get in the way, government is the problem. This is what my (R) and (D) friends fail realize, as they keep voting for more government, then complaining about the results.

Typical Scenerio: X is a problem, we must do something, this is something therefore it must be done. It doesn't matter what the X is, nobody stops to think long enough to ask the question, why must we do anything to solve X. Perhaps X is just something we should live with, because the solution might just be worse than the problem.

Take the High Speed Rail system in California, nobody asked "what problem is this solving" because there are plenty of alternatives available (air, slow train, car). SO what does High Speed Rail system solve? I need to go from SF to LA, I can fly, or drive. HSR doesn't solve the problems of flight (still need to rent a car) nor solves the problem of speed, as it would probably take 1/2 the time of driving, and twice as long as flying. Does the Huge expense, we can hardly afford, really solving a problem? Or is it more of a "make work" project for the Unions. Or worse, a "feel good" project designed to illicit emotional response, to garner power among the elite ruling class. Yet, Gavin was a huge proponent of the HSR.

No, the best thing Government can do is simply get out of the way of normal business, and go after the bad guys who do wrong. One cannot stop bad things from happening, al we can do is punish those who are criminals.

Comment Re:Is the same true for the Nexus 4? (Score 1) 413

What gets me, is why have a bulky touch friendly device for data input, when a lighter one with connectivity where you need it, tied to a back end database is much easier and with HTML 5, easier to make compliant with multiple types of devices and OSes?

Touch UI is great for content viewing, but sucks for content creation. For data input, give me a keyboard and mouse, and a well designed UI. Touch is almost useless on anything like a normal desktop screen (14"), and content creation on small screens is painful.

Comment Re:keep trying (Score 1) 197

Until we get some sort of faster than light mode of communication or travel, it is unlikely that we will find life outside of our solar system any time soon. And since E=MC2 is more or less accurate the top "speed" is C, we are not going to see any evidence of life outside of our galaxy. Thus we will only be able to "guess" that there is life outside our system(s) through statistical guestimations. The real problem is, that we cannot fully know how special (or not) we really are in the Universe. And that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

So people stating that they "believe" in Extra Terrestrial Life is exactly the same as believing in invisible man in the sky. Our testing capabilities are not sufficient to prove (or disprove) existence of EITHER kind of Invisible men in the sky.

Comment Re:More Info Please... (Score 1) 123

How do you test the hypothosis that there is such a thing like this "rodent" creature from a few hundred million years ago existed. Either you have a fossil you can point to that "might" be this creature, or you don't (which is THIS case).

This is the problem with untestable hypothosis being introduced as "science", and it is no different than trying to create a hypothosis to test against the idea of a diety. None. Except for the fact that it is "sciency".

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