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Journal Journal: Are there only four types of conservative on slashdot? 10

This is not counting fakes.
  • Won't share their sources or read yours - this type will insist that the sources they use are "so obviously available" that they don't need to offer them to you for reading, regardless of how nicely you ask for them.
  • Will share sources, but won't read yours - this type will share sources (albeit from only a very short list of sources) but has no interest in any sources beyond the ones they find acceptable, so don't bother giving them yours. Similarly, they aren't interested in discussing the sources they share.
  • Will share sources, won't read them, won't acknowledge yours - this type likes headlines and doesn't care if their interpretation of the headline matches the text of the source. Forget about sharing your source with them as they likely won't read your reply anyways.
  • Only one source period - this person adheres to conservatism as a religion that defines all truth. They will quote their one source endlessly and provide you links to unhelpful un-transcribed youtube videos to support their claims. Suggesting that their source is in any way less than 1000% accurate is blasphemy that leads to immediate excommunication, so don't even bother replying to them.

I'm not aware of any currently extant types on slashdot that I have missed. We had some earlier varieties in past years that seem to have since gone extinct, including:

  • Will share their own and read others' sources - last seen in the wild around 2010 or so. Rumored to still exist though no record exists to support that notion.

I must say, I am impressed at how thoroughly at least one fake has infiltrated the camps of at least the first three types. I would not have expected that to be possible.


Journal Journal: Bad hacker - bad, bad, bad (new record) 2

This is a new record for consecutive attempts - and attempts per second - on my server. Some idiot using a Chinese IP address made at least 150,000 attempts on my system (all as root) in less than 4 hours. This was, of course, completely pointless as my system does not allow root logins and returns the same fail to the user who guesses the password correctly as to one who does not.

I'm not real sure why this person gave up, I'm sure they could have let their random password generator run longer. A few times they made 8 attempts per second on my system.

I know, there are plenty of things I can do to prevent this from happening in the future. I could also take the futile action of reporting them to their ISP. Instead I will just leave things as they are and keep laughing at them. I don't have nearly enough bandwidth for them to crash my server with too many requests, and my logs auto rotate in such a way that they can't fill up my hard drives with logs of their attempts either (although it might be time to increase the turnover cutoff by another factor of 10).
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Journal Journal: Early Pterosaur 8

A fossil of the earliest known Pterosaur flying reptile was found recently in China. Named Kryptodrakon progenitor, it was described in a paper published yesterday in the journal current biology ( (paywalled by Elsevier). A less restrictive summary of the findings is in National Geographic (

Possible ancestor to the rest of the Pterosaurid family.

For some reason I cannot submit this to the front page; I tried the submit tool and it tells me I have to wait 5 minutes.
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Journal Journal: Messages will be deleted ... whenever

I thought that the message in the slashdot message system "messages will be deleted after 15 days" actually meant something. Apparently, no.

Messages over 15 days do remain if they aren't displaced (though the link leads nowhere)

Messages under 15 days are deleted automatically when the box fills, and cannot be recovered.

I'm actually more annoyed by the latter. I wrote a comment in one of the front page conservative circle-jerks that may have set a new personal record for most moderations. Unfortunately the comments telling me about the moderations applied to it are all gone forever, so I can't tally them up any more. The number of replies - currently at 74 - is almost certainly a new personal record for one comment. It's too bad that even the moderation summary is utterly worthless - I know it received more than just "insightful", "interesting", and "troll" mods. And for that matter, the arbitrary percentages of those three only total to 80%.
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Journal Journal: Reality - Who Needs It? 20

Yesterday's bait for the conservative circle-jerk sure worked out well. At this point it's barely 30 hours old and approaching 900 comments. Hell, my comment pulled in 70 replies and a dizzying number of moderations.

Included in those replies, though, was a a genuine you-win-the-internet-with-that-hyperpolic-nonsense reply. Not that this kind of conservative nonsense is new here, but the enthusiasm with which it was shared - even this late in the discussion - was impressive. The new user behind this has written only around 2 dozen comments to date, the oldest dating to last August.

I will say though, he made me laugh so hard at his nonsense that I felt compelled to reply. So I guess he trolled me fairly well.
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Journal Journal: Obamacare is Not a Single-Payer Conspiracy [Bloomberg] 29

Even columnists at conservative news sources are coming to realize it. This is from the same woman who wrote that Vermont's single payer aspirations would be terrible for taxpayers.

If Obamacare's insurance reforms break the market, that calculus still won't change: Most people will still have insurance they like, and they will not be willing to give it up in order to solve problems in the individual market -- which now covers about 5 percent of the population and is expected to ultimately cover something over that. Even if the individual market functionally disappears, most people will still be covered, and most politicians will be unwilling to endorse a program that takes away what they have. There is no path to single payer from even a spectacular Obamacare implosion -- for the same reason that there was no path to single payer before Obamacare was passed.


Ironically, single payer seems much more plausible if the system succeeds. One possible path along which the health-care law could develop is that more and more employers dump folks onto the exchanges, breaking the link between employment and insurance for millions of Americans. If that happens but other problems remain -- such as rising premiums -- then you can imagine a series of reforms that ultimately leads to single payer, probably starting with a public option. Employers would probably still provide supplemental health insurance as a benefit, the way some do in the U.K., but it would be a relatively cheap add-on, not a huge portion of your compensation package.

So dash your hopes and allay your fears. An Obamacare failure would be bad in many ways, and it would mean significant changes for the insurance market. But we're not getting the National Health Service anytime soon.


Journal Journal: The clock is ticking loudly now... 3

Conservatives are desperately grasping at a mountain of straws hoping to find one that can break Obama's back. So far they clearly have less traction than a Yugo in Crisco, but they keep trying anyways. They are not afraid to try to manufacture a controversy if it will bring them more air time, either.

However, I will point out something else they should be paying attention to at this stage. They want the POTUS out no matter the cost, but the clock is not in their favor. We are down to about 31 months to the 2016 election (where of course Obama cannot run, conspiracy theories be damned).

The last time a POTUS was forced out was of course Watergate. If we look at the timeline on that, we see that the investigation on that started February 1973. Nixon resigned the following August; roughly 18 months later.

If the government of today is so bloated and overgrown (from the standard conservative mantra) then there is no reason to expect that an investigation could bring about a resignation in less time than it did in 1972-1973. If it even took twice as long, then the clock has already ran out for the conservative dream scenario of forcing Obama out.

Not that they would let reality get in the way, though. And obviously budgets are not important when there is a president waiting to get thrown out of the white house, right?
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Journal Journal: Sometimes, I don't even need to set a trap... 8

... because sometimes, they'll walk into a situation that makes them look stupid on their own.

I encourage all to dive in and see just how stupid a conservative can make himself look in one discussion. I wasn't even planning to reply to his comment, but I was the 4th word of it so I figured I'd at least try to familiarize him with the situation. From there, hilarity ensues as:

he uses no facts, whatsoever, to try to make a grand statement (strike one!)

I point out that he did that, and clarify the matter so he can take another swing at it

He then attempts to make one fact, but completely misses the point because he's too angry to read(strike two!)

I then use his actual words to show that he's a liar (strike three!)

He then tries to play fast and loose with the English Language to avoid having to admit to being wrong (already past strike three, but still swinging!)

I point out that he just fell on his face again (really, go back to the dugout!)

He then returns to the usual MO of just accusing anyone who disagrees with him of "lying" (can you strike out twice if you refuse to leave after strike three and miss three more times?)

For bonus points, feel free to go back and count the number of times that he was reduced to slinging silly insults at me, rather than actually dealing with the matter at hand. Extra thanks to smitty for this one. I don't think he intended to make pudge look like a buffoon (not that it's hard) but he ended up dong it nonetheless. Perhaps this is why pudge doesn't come around here very often any more?

Journal Journal: Another Conspiracy Theory Down the Drain 3

I recently postulated that conservatives will resort to trying to get others to call them racist when they realize their own argument has disintegrated. This slightly reinvigorated one on their quest to claim that the race card is played anytime someone criticizes President Barack "Lawnchair" Obama. I then challenged them to provide an example where such a defense was actually used in politics, or even used at all here on slashdot.

Certainly, if it was as common of a tactic as they claim it should be trivial for the to produce tons of examples. And coming up with just one should be far easier than a cake walk. So how many could they come up with?

Not one.

That's right, not a single, solitary example. At one point they gave a link to a comedy central (daily show) clip that did not help the claim. Earlier a highly partisan collection of sound bites was quoted as well.

Not very impressive. Of course we don't really pull in the most accomplished conservative journalists here on slashdot, so there may be actual examples out there somewhere in the world. we just likely will never see them here.

Journal Journal: A sequel to Godwin's Law 28

This isn't really a corollary, though it's not far from being one. Godwin's Law of course states that given enough time any discussion on the internet will turn to talking about Hitler (or Nazis).

I've realized a while ago that American conservatives have their own "sequel" to Godwin's Law, and it goes something like this

Given a long enough discussion of politics with a conservative, they will try to get you to call them racist to end the discussion

It is somewhat the inverse of "race baiting", perhaps best called "racist baiting". I think we can call it the "Nobama Hypothesis" as I suspect many of the people who go for this play have the oh-so-clever "Nobama" bumper sticker on their car (likely often the variety with the hammer & sickle for an "O", and likely not far from their terrorist hunting permit).
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Journal Journal: Hmm, no April Fool's Jokes on Slashdot 5

So tell me, then. Obviously someone is to blame here. I just don't know what the official slashdot narrative says in this case - do we blame Bill Clinton or Barack Obama for this one? Monica Lewinski, or Benghazi?
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Journal Journal: Bashing American Cars on Slashdot, Part 445987 12

I was completely unsurprised to see people here jump all over a recent front page story as an excuse to bash Ford - even though most of what they said was at least tangential to reality, if not completely opposing it.

But when some idiot felt it useful to bring up the Pinto, I decided to respond:

The Pinto was 40 years ago. You conveniently overlooked the money they spent correcting that problem, and the fact that the Pinto has been out of production for a long time. That error didn't last the full run of the Pinto, for that matter.

But no, let's go ahead and line up to bash the American company. Need I remind you what the Japanese cars were like in the 1970s? Toyotas were barely able to reach freeway speed. Hondas were too small for a large segment of Americans (ie, people more than 6' tall) to drive comfortably. Both had rust problems galore. But yet they improved. Now people speak fondly of their Japanese cars. In the 1970s nobody would have believed that Toyota and Honda could some day make competitive luxury cars, yet now we have Lexus and Acura.

And if we look to South Korea, the turn around is even more dramatic (at least with regards to how quickly it happened). Hyundai from the 80s and 90s were utter garbage. They probably never should have been allowed on American freeways but we let them on anyways. They weren't reliable, comfortable, or safe. Yet now Hyundai and Kia are very competent little cars.

But yet we keep bashing Ford for what happened 40 years ago. If we did that to the Japanese and Korean cars they would have gone bankrupt years ago.

In case you haven't noticed, Ford Fusion has beat Toyota Camry in initial quality, best midsize, and car of the year more than once and from multiple reviewers. But yet obviously it is more important to remind people about what Ford did when Nixon was president.

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