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Comment Re:Energy density. (Score 1) 734

People make these wild claims and spend tons of extra money for the 2 or 3 times a year they actually leave the city.

That would make some sense, if electric cars didn't cost far more than an equivalent ICE car. The cheapest 'can only drive around the city' electric cars I've seen advertised are around the cost of a Honda Civic, which can drive hundreds of miles without 'recharging', and takes five minutes or less to 'recharge' if you want to go further.

Comment Re:Energy density. (Score 1) 734

IIRC, a Tesla battery pack has a half-life of 100,000 miles. By the time the average commuter (40mi/day) has burned up the useful life of a Tesla battery pack (hint: we're talking well more than a decade) where does your ICE based car find itself?

Why would you buy an $80,000 electric car to commute 40 miles a day?

Comment Re:Energy density. (Score 2) 734

If solar cells become efficient enough, then the charge speed is infinite/continuous, and free after the purchase of the vehicle. Gas can't beat that, ever.

I can fit about a square metre of solar cells on top of my car. In ideal conditions, with 100% efficient conversion, that's about 1kW. The Volt's battery capacity is apparently 16kWh, so, in theory, in perfect conditions, the panel could charge the battery enough while I'm at work to give me the power to drive home. I'd still have to plug it in there. It still wouldn't provide enough power for long highway trips, or on overcast days. Or for people who work at night.

In the real world, you'll be lucky to average 10-20% efficiency through the system, between panel losses, imperfect pointing, changes in the solar angle during the year, etc.

I could fit enough on the garage to charge the car every day, but then I'd need a whole storage system to charge from when I get home.

Comment Re:Great Firewall of China is bad enough ... (Score 2) 270

Why the "supposedly"? Do you have evidence that the UK's election results were not legitimate?

They're a minority government elected by around 20% of the British people. In the last election, the British people resoundingly said that they didn't want any of the three main parties on offer.

Any civilized country would be embarrassed by putting in place a government that about 80% of the people didn't vote for.

The British government is enacting this censorship policy with the full support of millions and millions of people who don't post on Slashdot.

None of my British relatives and friends have ever demanded the government 'protect' them from pr0n. Most Britons who do are idiots like the batty old Mary Whitehouse.


CERN Antimatter Experiment Produces First Beam of Antihydrogen 136

An anonymous reader writes "Matter and antimatter annihilate immediately when they meet, so aside from creating antihydrogen, one of the key challenges for physicists is to keep antiatoms away from ordinary matter. To do so, experiments take advantage of antihydrogen's magnetic properties (which are similar to hydrogen's) and use very strong non-uniform magnetic fields to trap antiatoms long enough to study them. However, the strong magnetic field gradients degrade the spectroscopic properties of the (anti)atoms. To allow for clean high-resolution spectroscopy, the ASACUSA collaboration developed an innovative set-up to transfer antihydrogen atoms to a region where they can be studied in flight, far from the strong magnetic field (scientific paper)."

Comment Re:HP has the pull to get MS to fix windows by 8.2 (Score 4, Insightful) 513

So? What else do you need to look at while selecting something from a menu?

You're right. When I open the bookmarks menu in Firefox, everything on my screen should go away and be replaced by a scrolling mass of big tiles. It just makes perfect sense.

Not everything has to be a tree control.

You're right. When I look for Photoshop to start it, it makes no sense for it to be under 'Adobe', with InDesign and Premiere. They should all just be scattered at random in a big scrolling mass of tiles.

WTF? I mean, really, WTF? Aren't /.ers supposed to have an IQ higher than room temperature?

That why most of us can see what a disaster Window 8 is.

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