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Comment Re:It's the only way (Score 2) 333

Autonomous cars will allow tailgating and higher speeds, with much less risk, raising the effective traffic load to 3 cars per second, which is a 50% increase in throughput, without adding more lanes, going to double-decker limos for everyone, etc.

No, they won't, outside of Ideal Driverless Car Utopia.

What happens when the car at the front slams on its brakes, and your car can't stop as fast because the pads are worn and the owner hasn't bothered to keep up with regular maintenance?

Oops. You crash. Then many of the cars behind crash too.

Comment Re:Apple vs Who? (Score 1) 355

20 million iPads means 500,000 fewer Mac sales and 19.5 million fewer sales of other computers.

Uh, no, it doesn't.

Everyone I know who owns a tablet has it in addition to other computers, and wouldn't have bought another computer if they hadn't bought a tablet.

Windows 8 is killing PC sales, not iPads.

Comment Re: What's good for others apparently is no good f (Score 2) 355

Unify them by making them totally separate functional modes. Interesting strategy, that's for sure.

Yes. Microsoft even screwed that up.

Metro apps should have been able to run in Windows on the desktop. Instead they split the OS into two glaringly incompatible modes, and forced users to keep switching between them.

Their problem was that no-one was going to buy a Microsoft tablet without apps, and no-one was going to write apps for a tablet with no market share. So they had to push that Metro crap onto desktop users to try to get people to write apps that could then run on tablets and phones.

Comment Re:My thoughts on what is wrong with MS (Score 1) 355

People like change.

They just like change that actually benefits them, not change that benefits Microsoft ('Yes, dump all your old desktop apps and run Metro apps so we can make 30% in the app store! It's the glorious new future of Window!').

Why is this so hard for fanboys to understand? Windows 8 is a disaster becuase it tries to push users in a UI they don't want. You only need to go into a computer store and try to run notepad on one of the demo Windows 8 machines to realise what a colossal fsck-up it is and why home users are avoiding it in droves.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 208

This is for a very simple reason, without it all the big earners would simply have their pay given to them in another nation.

Uh, no.

I believe there are three or four nations on the planet who try to tax their citizens no matter where they live, and America is the only first-world nation on the list. It's one reason why the US government have made renouncing American citizenship so hard.

Comment Re:Unless the subject is climate change (Score 2) 206

Even if man-made climate change is false, reducing the fucking atmospheric pollution is a good damn idea.

Carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant. And much of the increase in real atmospheric pollution is a result of the Greens demanding that Western nations reduce CO2 emissions, so we shipped all our factories to China, where they burn coal without a care in the world about where the pollution goes.

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