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Comment Re:article is wrong on all counts (Score 1) 229

I think that 28 nm is actually a reason why Apple went with TSMC instead of Intel. Samsun is expected to have their 28 nm line up soon so Apple will have two suppliers for their chips.

That's like suggesting Apple go with AMD for their desktops and laptops because they'd have Intel as a second supplier if AMD screwed them around, while Intel were so far ahead of AMD in the CPU market that if they picked Intel they'd have no other choice.

Comment Re:Intel was not an option (Score 2) 229

The proof of it is quite simple: look at an x86 block diagram and see how much of the silicon is devoted to decoding the obsolete ISA into something the core can actually use.

The vast majority of the silicon is devoted to cache. I believe a modern Intel CPU uses 1% of the transistors for instruction processing before they get into the RISC core, and that's pretty much a fixed size unless you go back to simple in-order execution like the Atom, because all have to do the same amount of decoding and re-ordering.

That's more important on a low-end CPU where the chip is much smaller so the instruction processing will take up a larger percentage of the transistors, but as ARM chips become more complex, x86 becomes more compeitive.

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 324

It has long been held by US courts that the exteriors of letters and other items sent through the mail are not considered private.


Do you really think that if you went back in time and asked the founders who wrote the US Constitution whether having the government keep a record of all mail going through their system would be OK under the fourth amendment, they'd say 'Hell, yeah!'?

Comment Re:Parallel computing (Score 1) 211

Why should it sound crazy? If you've got some parallel computations to make you'd be a fool not to use the GPU.

1. For simple tasks, parallel computing often ends up slower becuase the time taken to transfer data between processors is more than the time taken to do the calculations.
2. If you need teraflops of performance to process your spreadsheet, you're probably like my friend who used to write novels in Excel.

Comment Re: Or maybe (Score 1) 317

That's why you brake and give them more space. It's still your fault if you don't.

I believe many of the cases of intentional crashes in the UK have been people pulling in front of big trucks and slamming on their brakes. Big trucks tend not to stop quickly and don't want to slow down and have to speed up again.

Comment Which has multiple benefits (Score 5, Insightful) 775

The central power station is not making its emissions a few feet from the sidewalk. Its pollution controls aren't restricted by weight or the need for portability.

It's also way more efficient.

Electrifying the vehicle fleet is like modularizing your code. Instead of being tied to petroleum, with an electric fleet you can snap in nuclear, tidal, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, or whatever else turns out to be a good idea.

Comment Re:The poem was already a perversion of the idea.. (Score 3, Insightful) 160

Are you Native American? If not, you're a hypocrite.

Do you seriously think the Native Americans don't regret the way they left their borders open to anyone who turned up?

If they could go back in time and build a wall to keep Europeans out, I suspect most would eagerly have done so.

Comment Re:Microsoft's big mistake (Score 5, Insightful) 543

.. was naming it Windows 8, instead of Windows Tablet Edition, which could also be added to Windows 7 as a Tablet Mode.

Uh, no.

Windows 8 was a desperate attempt to get some kind of prescence on tablets and phones. To do that, they need apps. To get apps, they need to convince developers that they should develop apps for Windows 8. To do that, they had to push the tablet interface on the desktop.

Of course the idea was retarded from the start, which is why it's come around to bite them in the ass. They threw their desktop users under the bus and gained only a minimal number of tablet and phone users.

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