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Comment Good qweschun finally! (Score 1) 479

Here's an ask /. question that doesn't suck! I can tell you the NOT answer: Netflix or Hulu on PS3. PS3 might be OK for games. But Netflix sucks on PS3, and the PlayStation Network requires signing in to use it, which means you have to get the MANDATORY PS3 updates when Sony decides to release a few minor features, which nobody really wants (move multiple data files at a time? did I need to do that?). Then you're stuck waiting for Sony to give you the entire OS, re-install, reboot, sign in again, etc. By this time your date is bored, dissatisfied, and not interested in making out, because you've chosen the wrong system for watching movies or doing anything but gaming. Unless she's into gaming, in which case you've got a winner. I'd like to try a Roku BTW. Or just an HTPC with dual boot and some good graphics hardware.

Comment Why Thailand? (Score 1) 292

Hot wet islands full of hookers might be an interesting place to have an office, but manufacturing sensitive hard drives seems like it would want an arid climate. Why are there so many HD makers in Thailand then? Besides the obvious.

Comment Re:Impossible ethical standards (Score 1) 559

I think of the things you mention, film effects will probably be the most competitive, but also the most rewarding. I've also worked a bit on CUDA and nvidia specific stuff, which is fun, but I can't find a way to apply it where I collect a paycheck. There is HPC and data intensive work here, but it's mostly Java/Hadoop and R, nothing extremely high performance. I've never tried applying to JPL/NASA, so I can't speak to that. I'm sure a competent, professional and experienced engineer can find a place there and get paid decently. The work done around high energy particle physics and cosmology seems to be mostly done by PhDs and reams upon reams of grad students working their way up in the world of academics. But there are/must be engineers there too. Scientists can't be bothered to do ALL the programming, so often the details need to be handled by engineers. But physics is under the realm of the DOE in the US. So eventually in many interesting fields you find yourself working basically under grants from the DOE or DARPA. Nothing wrong with that from my perspective. I live in Chicago, and I've told the recruiters "No web or financial stuff", because I'm bored to the point of distraction by web/finance. There's basically nothing else here unless I go to the DOE at Argonne, if I'm qualified. I'd look into film effects, physical/environmental modeling, alternative energy, private space/aero companies, CAD software development. Especially if you want to do more with CUDA. A couple of interesting interactive demos using Processing or CUDA would get the film people interested.

Comment Dislike both (Score 1) 818

KDE is retarded. kmplayer, kwallet, Konsole, Kmail, Kontact.. it just gets annoying. Gnome is also retarded. You'd think by now that User Experience would be down to a science. Maybe they're just doing the science wrong. No reason to upgrade to Gnome3 yet.

Comment Cold calls are annoying, but (Score 1) 402

I can understand the 'no cold calls' policy, taking it literally to mean "Don't have recruiters cold call our engineers and offer them more money". I disconnected my office phone a few years ago, and have kept it that way. Two or three calls a day from headhunters is a huge distraction, especially if they're pushy and indiscreet. Co-workers have adopted the same strategy, so we effectively have no phones here. So I'm all for a literal no cold-call policy. They're a waste of worker's time.

Comment Re:Good answer (Score 1) 393

I have the special purpose-built JVM on a chip that was given out at some Java conference a few years ago. I imagine it was just a gimmick, but I've always wanted to see if it works. No idea what its supposed to do, as it has no IO except the conductivity of the ring itself. I think it may just be an empty magic ring.

Comment Re:Contractual obligations (Score 1) 247

Agreed. A startup team or individual has no assets, no 'good will' value and no product yet, so putting the capital in escrow and borrowing on it is the best way to protect the investors. There will be interest of course, because the bank... But at least the funding from Kickstarter will allow a company with no assets to borrow capital. As an investor, you still stand the chance of losing it, but the bank will pursue the now criminals for skipping out on the loan.

Comment many different kinds (Score 1) 502

5 pairs various hand made ropers boots
1 pair Double H Ranch Wellingtons
2 desert combat boots
1 pair black Magnum combat boots for colder weather
2 pair forest/olive combat boots for cold weather
1 pair Redhead extremely cold weather hunting boots
1 pair general purpose mountaineering/hiking boots
1 pair Madrock climbing shoes
1 pair Scarpa climbing shoes
1 pair Asics indoor sneaker
1 pair ZEMGear neoprene exercise shoe
1 pair Puma driving sneakers
1 pair Asics indoor/outdoor running shoe
1 pair brown patent leather dress shoe
1 pair black patent leather dress shoe
1 pair black imitation alligator dress shoe
1 pair Salomon leather 'casual sneaker'
Shoes are something that must be specialized. The wrong shoes in any given situation will easily become a liability. There are no general purpose shoes except for the ones you wear while doing nothing, in which case you should be wearing none at all.

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