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Comment Re:obQuote (Score 0) 484

The obvious quote is the scene from Hal Hartley's "Trust", where Ed's head gets put in the vice after an argument about (unnamed IT company) deliberately using faulty parts. ... only I can't remember the exact line, and I'm firewalled and can't find a script anywhere. :\ FML

Comment Re: Copyright? (Score 2, Informative) 154

PC/Amiga classic 'Cannon Fodder' was also recently ripped off (certainly from a look and feel perspective, and all reviews mention the likeness) as an iphone/itouch game Warpack Grunts - with no credit to the original coders on their website. Considering the original devs have their own mobile phone development company I doubt they would have allowed this, and I hope they have sicced their lawyers onto them. I doubt Apple look too closely for prior art and are more interested in counting the filthy lucre their Jesus phone is piling up at their feet.

Comment Dear Apple: Sue These Guys Instead, Please (Score -1) 425

http://www.ladidapeople.com/wp-content/uploads/musicmattersportrait.jpg (exercise caution, badware reported)
http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/9193/musicmattersportrait.jpg (mirror)
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/7156/ladida.gif (logo closeup)

Their 'viral' marketing campaign includes vandalism -- paste-ups or posters all over Melbourne. They look shit, it's obviously derivative, they're begging for some Streisand action, why not deliver them some. Leave the graf and posters to people with talent

... or perhaps that's what they want

Comment What a leet address (Score -1) 380

TFA: Honeypot Road in Hackham? Locations don't get any more leet than that. (0_o) They probably used Facebook because they wanted friends to help them unfuck the situation, and not get sprung by the authorities / parents. Guilt and shame are interesting motivators, and it's against the law to enter drains - but they're not caged off for logistic and safety reasons. The CC encourage competent exploration of the urban environment, not this kind of shit. It doesn't look like it rained in Adelaide on Sunday night, but if they were panicking, this could have been worse. The parents should sue ... Eastman and Laird ;)

Submission + - Michael Jackson fan fined for 'pirating' bootlegs (theage.com.au)

alex4point0 writes: A grieving Melbourne fan with an 'unhealthy obsession' for the late Michael Jackson has been convicted and fined $24,000 for pirating the King of Pop's music and DVDs. Described in court as a caring and likeable, if ''unusual'', man, Matthew Zore's almost lifelong worship of Jackson grew into a lucrative online 'blackmarket' enterprise in Australia and overseas. (...) Police who raided Zore's home after British authorities found his DVDs of bootleg concerts on sale there found 7268 DVDs. (...) yet "None of the pirated work was commercially released material, but came from bootleg recordings, (Defence lawyer Michael Gleeson) said. Zore pleaded guilty to six charges, including possessing, making and selling infringing copies."

This rather strikes me as biting the hand that feeds you, with a dash of Streisand for effect. MJ fans can usually be relied on to buy every version of every album released on every continent. If they're not already aware of the bootleg industry, they are now. The article also fails to mention what relationship the UK and Australian police have in regard to sharing information. Can they provide information to prosecute someone who is breaking UK law if they're in another country? What if it's not against the law there? (convict jokes aside...)

How can you be fined for selling a copy of a recording that the studios and labels didn't create? Like the cinema industry, where insiders leak timed copies or review editions well before the screenies emerge, isn't it sound technicians and other crew who leak the better copies of concert footage?

The bootleg industry is a de-facto 'viral marketing mechanism' for everyone who profits from a tour, I can understand why it exists — and why the studios want to kill it, even though it will piss off MJ fans. They're about to run out of albums and merchandise to buy, anyway ...

(zore !zune !zerg !spore)

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