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Comment Its not Games - its Classic ASP (Score 1) 951

Whats keeping me (and my clients) from using Linux is web development, not games. I ended up coding Classic ASP based websites as a career. Yes, I know all of you hate Classic ASP and feel it should be banished, but the reality is that companies have stuff written in it and they won't be throwing out or rewriting their stuff it anytime soon as long as it still works. And as long as I can't legally redistribute LAMP-server-like version of linux with Chili!Soft or Halcyon pre-installed and pre-configured to just work immediately after installation, I just don't see myself or my clients ever making any real progress towards getting away from it. Nevermind the games; we're just suck-in-the-mud here in Windows-world for business reasons.

Comment Real Response to Climate Change Extinction (Score 1) 401

From childhood to today, I've heard it asked many times in so many different ways "What would you live if there were no tomorrow?". People say stuff like "I'd party and have fun" or "I'd quit my job and spend time with my family" and all kinds of great stuff. Rubbish! Most people are just gonna find ways to loot whatever is there for the taking, quit acting responsibly, and/or sit around blaming and complaining about the problem.

Comment GRAPHICS DESIGNERS yes (for pot), not programmers (Score 2) 878

I won't deny that smoking pot has had its influence in the artistic creative-arts world. But programming involves thinking-things-through, and being logical, and not being lazy. Pot does not help this at all. Maybe caffeine and amphetamine based drugs though. That'll perk you up and get you focussed on getting things done, which is required for programming.

Comment Re:Invasion of Privacy! (Score 1) 87

All kinds of privacy concerns this could lead to as far as what the carpet home-base-database folks have at their disposal. Suppose homebase knows all the homes with occupants that are progressively showing signs of getting fatter. They could sell that information to diet pill marketers. You could also use this to identify other behavior patterns as well. If the subject tends to move from one room to the next more frequently one day, then it could imply that they're doing a lot of pacing because they're nervous about something going on in their lives, and so now they can sell that info to antidepressant marketers. You could even use it for burglary detection. If floor activity is detected in front of a window without having shown any previous signs of walking around anywhere else in the house, you got yourself a window intrusion detection system. That could be a good thing, but of course, now the homeowner will be getting Brinks home security junk-mail.

Comment put some metal washers on there maybe? (Score 1) 290

If you got some metal washers that fit at your disposal, you could unscrew the bolt, put the washers on it, then start screwing it down. The washers will close the distance from the missing 6 turns. That'll tighten it down adequately until the next mission when you can bring some extra tools out there into space (such as a wire brush perhaps) that you can use to scrape out whatever piece of space dirt is clogging up the threads inside the hole and keeping it from screwing all 16 turns.

Comment Re:Would stop a lot of development (Score 1) 550

I think this would lead to investors actually encouraging, even DEMANDING, that their developers leave a digital paper trail of false claims to stability and features in certain types of software and web development projects. Most likely it would happen to new programmers fresh out of college who haven't learned the ropes out in the real world yet and wouldn't see it coming. They'd be under pressure to send emails making all kinds of claims that they know are false, but, being new to the job market, they're more likely to bend and give in.

Comment Big Brother will Take FactCheck.org Offline (Score 2, Interesting) 143

They're already all over Wikileaks and doing whatever they can to kill that off. I'm sure FactCheck.org is next on the chopping block in the years to come. We can't have the truth out there. Thats not in the govt's best interest! They'll think of some kinda excuse. Maybe it'll be copyright infringement, or perhaps they'll claim its a bunch of propaganda. Whatever the reason, I'm sure in time they'll find one.

Comment Joyce Ehrlinger is Stupid (Score 3, Funny) 263

Joyce Ehrlinger from Florida State University is stupid! She has absolutely no idea what she's talking about! Pure rubbish! She should just drop out of the American Psychological Association right now and save us all a bunch of pain and headache! She has no idea what she's talking about! None! Pure bullox!

Comment Probably won't hurt anything......for now (Score 5, Interesting) 378

Boy was that leaked fast. I've been using thunderbird for years and never have had much trouble with the mail client. Its pretty stable. Probably won't hurt anything to temporarily take resources off of it. But I hope they don't discontinue it entirely. I feel its way better than Outlook.

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