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Comment Cry wolf (Score 3, Insightful) 608

That is probably the best way I can view North Korea now, simply crying wolf. We all know of their lack of abilities when it comes to nuclear armament. We also know that they lack the ballistics to reach the US or anywhere of real interest. I think the ballistic they test fired (which had the potential to reach Japan) failed miserably. I they have the potential to make something go boom, but in the end, no real means on delivering on it. In regard to the whole war games we (US) participated in, and the threat that followed. I predicted (correctly) what would happen. And I wonder if it will happen again. It is quite simple, NK hates to tarnish its own name. So when it makes a threat and does not follow through, it must distract the people with some news so they forget about the threats. For example, they threatened to initiate war and kill all of us (as usual). Well, obviously they did not follow through with the plan (especially suicidal since we had the Washington carrier there) so they needed a distraction. So what did they do, they announce they had nuclear weapons. It is like trying to hold something shiny in front of NK's people to distract them. I really hate NK though... I hate them because I have mix feelings and the blame is on them. I hate the idea of war and thousands if not millions of people dying. But at the same time, I really wish garbage like them would be wiped from the planet. We have like what, 60,000 troops over there now. They live there, that is there home. Imagine if we did not have to have them over there. Imagine if some of the troops in the middle east no longer have to go for another tour because of us bringing the troops back from the DMZ. In the end, I think a nuclear war would be bad against NK. They will have all the important people hiding like rats underground while the poor and rest of the people would suffer above ground. Bunker busters are the way to go! P.S. I curse Starcraft because when I read this, the first thing that went through my mind was: "Nuclear Launch Detected".

Comment Re:The intellectuals (Score 1) 419

Morality if a very iffy area, not quite as black and white as many would believe. Take for example Ozymandias, to some degree, he was a moral person. Granted, he was an consequentialist which led him to believe the ends justify the means. His approach may not be accepted by everyone, but he did do something which in the end, brought everyone together. Also, I do value intelligence, I also value logic and rationality. But in the end, the heroes rely heavily on arbitrary concepts such as 'justice' and 'honor' for which most could not truly explain or describe. Lastly, villains (for me at least) tend to look so much cooler. Villains and dark heroes (who tend to not be so pure) tend to look the best.

Comment Your overreaction to their overreaction is wrong! (Score 1) 673

It really is a lose lose situation at this point. Because of the swift action by the government, they would be accused of overreacting and the airlines will demand compensation. On the other hand, if they had done nothing, they would be accused of taking too big a risk without any really evidence either way. It comes down to this, it is all about risk. Without adequate information, was it a good idea or halt flights for the 'possibility' of things going wrong? I would say yes, I'd rather stand by their side then take the risk of people's lives being lost.

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