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Comment Re:Oh, great .... now, instead of (Score 3, Insightful) 187

Yes. Darwin's system. When a company gets hacked and customer's information is taken, they lose business. If they get hacked enough, they go out of business. Do the customers get hurt? Sure. They get smarter too. If a company is smart and secures their data, then they don't get hacked and they keep their customers and the customers don't get hurt. More laws are not always the best answer.

Submission + - Adobe Reader CR bug (

edmanet writes: Adobe recently announced a new update for Adobe Reader but doesn't mention whether a bug found in version 10.1 has been resolved. The bug, while not a security threat, has become increasingly painful for many users. If a file path contains the letters "CR", Adobe Reader errors out when you try to open the file.

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