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Comment We've been using a Mac Mini as a server... (Score 4, Interesting) 557

We use a first generation Mac Mini in my office to do nightly builds of both our MacOS and Windows software. The windows builds run on VM Ware. Its not uncommon for the build machine to be running 100% CPU for hours at a time. It hasn't been rebooted in months. We've been doing this with the same machine for over three years. Its wonderful. Never had a problem...

Submission + - Avoiding a lawsuit for copyright infringement

litewoheat writes: "I started a software company a while ago that was acquired by a larger company and I now work for the combined company. I basically sold all my IP to the acquiring company, including source code going back 10+ years. I'm in the very early stages of a new startup working on all new software for a completely different market and I'm starting totally from scratch. I'm even developing on a different OS just to keep my distance from the code I've written in the past, which is no longer mine. There's nothing in my contract that says my current employer has rights on anything I develop in my free time etc. I'm integral to my current employer and when I do announce that I am leaving there will be drama. I'm reminded of John Fogerty getting sued because his new music sounded much like his old music that was owned by his old record company. I'm concerned that my current company would do the same to me when I do leave. What kinds of things should I do now that will protect me later when/if this were to happen?"

Comment So what? (Score 0) 1182

Why is it so important for this person to advertise, in a gaming context, that they are gay / lesbian? What does that that have to do with anything? These people give every other gay man or woman a bad name. Homosexuality makes some people uncomfortable and if there's no really good reason, why persist? There is no good reason what so ever to make it a point to let people know who you like to have sex with on XBox Live. BTW. I'm gay so don't go calling me a homophobe.

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