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Comment Django for the 80% solution (Score 2) 287

We've been building a suite of tools using Django that combine near-real-time event processing and offline analytics. It's been very useful and flexible; the data model abstraction is clean, and we can target different databases with a couple of lines of config file change. We're integrating some Javascript and other visualization tools in our UIs, and finding it pretty easy to support in the Django framework. Performance scales with resources fairly linearly, the overhead has been very manageable, and it integrates into almost any security framework. I've seen nothing to convince me we need to look at a different framework.

User Journal

Journal Journal: in which i am a noob all over again 17

I haven't posted a journal here in almost three years, because I couldn't find the button to start a new entry. ...yeah, it turns out that it's at the bottom of the page.

So... hi, Slashdot. I used to be really active here, but now I mostly lurk and read. I've missed you.

Comment Re:'cool' power users should like usability and ea (Score 1) 798

It's not the usability and ease of use - it's stupid crap like removing the ability to right-click and get a menu of things to do with that menu item, instead of just having it kicked off... it's burying the UI customization where it can't be found easily, and removing the easy tailoring options in favor of the "Unity" standard.

We just rolled back...

Comment Re:or... (Score 1) 482

Or you could, you know, not put your power cable in an area that people walk through...

One of my first jobs would have been way easier if someone had invented the magsafe connector. The company I worked for had laptops on carts for the nurses to be able to chart meds and other things automagically next to the patient bed. (Scan patient, scan drugs, give patient drugs, record updated with what, how much, and when.) We had ~10-12 instances of electricians being called to remove one prong of the plug from the wall socket because the nurses just walked off with the cart without unplugging the laptop first. This was in the mid-to-late 90s, and replacement plugs from toshiba were expensive. Like $75/ea.

Comment Re:Let's see the issues. (Score 1) 111

Correct. Falcon 9 was designed to be man-rated, but SpaceX isn't spending the money to jump through NASA's hoops until they have more of a hope of a contract for human launch services. Man rating is a high enough hurdle that LM and Boeing have refrained from man rating the Delta IV or Atlas V on their own nickels.

Comment Re:A ploy that *sometimes* works (Score 1) 145

It doesn't even have to technically be a meeting ... you're blocking out periods that you have to get work done, and most jobs have tasks that need some stretches of uninterrupted time to get them done.
My boss would go for it ...

My boss has recommended such things. And one of the directors in the company blocks out noon-1pm every day so no one schedules him a day full of meetings with no lunch.

Most of my meetings are recurring meetings. I have 2/week with our vendor, 1/week with my boss and the rest of his team, one maintenance review a week, and generally that's it -- unless there's preplanning meetings for maintenances that I have to be part of, or we start on a new project (in which case, there's usually a 1 hour/week call)

Comment Re:Certifications don't impress... (Score 1) 444

HR doesn't just make shit up - they use reqs written by the development teams that need the heads.

I had to write my own job description for the job I do, in part because no one else knows what the hell it is I do. My boss included. But we had to sit down and write a job description because HR required one for performance evals, etc. It's as full of crap as anything, but it does actually encompass what it is I do here, Bob.

0 degrees, 0 certifications. 15 years in the industry.

I've known paper cert people, and people who know their crap who were required to get certs. I've known paper degree people, and people who know their crap who also happen to have degrees. Competence trumps letters after your name.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 5, Interesting) 300

911 is a tricksy beast, and when you combine RF issues, like rain fade (snow fade - which is less, but still noticeable) and location services (which tell the carrier WHICH 911 center to route the call to) ... 10k dropped 911 calls out of ... how many total placed calls? How was this data collected? Was there a record of 10,000 dropped calls that actually connected to 911? Is this from a log from their switches covering that area? How did their competitors fare? So much is so vague about this article, that it makes my head spin.

Old Apple 1 Up For Auction, Expected To Go For $160,000+ 156

vanstinator was one of several readers to point out that Christie's is holding an auction for one of the original Apple 1 machines, complete with a manual, the original shipping box, and the letter from Steve Jobs to the owner. The invoice says the computer was purchased on December 7th, 1976, with an Apple cassette interface card, for a total price of $741.66. The auction house expects it to sell for over $160,000.

Comment Re:Happy Birthday! (Score 1) 12

Considering right now I'm looking forward to getting to the "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" lesson... yeah, it seems a bit daunting, but we got a new mac mini, and I found out a couple days before that that garageband had guitar lessons. I figured anything that helps me keep thinking about the guitar can't be bad.

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