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Comment Ya...what? (Score 3, Interesting) 199

I'm a former "Yahoo", and I've got to say that I spent much of my time hoping someone would buy the company, if only to mindwipe the boneheaded middle and upper management.

They could've been the AOL in an AOL/Time Warner sandwich — that "gem" that someone else paid too much for.

Now? Forget it. I did.

Yahoo search surrendered the search biz when they agreed to send search marketing results through google. Even with the Department of Justice shooting that down, well, it's a hell of a statement when even your competitor chooses The Other Guy.

The Courts

Michael Robertson Sued Over Missing Linspire Cash 65

An anonymous reader writes "Blogger and ex-Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony reports that Michael Robertson has been sued by a Linspire shareholder to get to the bottom of what happened to Linspire's assets. One hundred shareholders have been left uninformed as to what happened to the company and its assets after Linspire was sold to Xandros a few months back."

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