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Comment Re:Here's what's impressive (Score 1) 187

Well think about it. If you write a book on motorcycle racing, how many prospective buyers do you think you will have? Not nearly as many as a book on Ruby. Perhaps now with micro publishing we will see more. Also there is a wealth of info in the intarweb, well maybe not so much on actual chassis design, but you can get quite a background just from reading some of the amateur racing websites.

Have you read Kevin Cameron's "Sportbike Tuning Handbook"?

Comment Re:Shouldn't happen..... (Score 1) 262

So what are you going to do when Windows 7 comes out and all the software updates again, which probably won't run on your XP machine from 2001? Since you say you want 10 years use, that is about 2.5 years from now, based on when XP came out.

I will take back what I said before about getting over it, as you do have a point. Really though is 129 too much to spend to get Leopard? To use the popular car analogy here, do you expect to get 10 years out of your car without ever buying tires or changing the oil?

Comment Re:Shouldn't happen..... (Score 1, Offtopic) 262

BZZZT Wrong, your OSX 10.2 is still upgradeable to 10.2.x. Your XP is not upgradeable to Vista for free, which is what you are asking for. You want Leopard for free because some new software requires it. Your 10.2 has not stopped working. Any software that requires Vista would "Stop working" on your XP-PC as well.

In other words, get over it.

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