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Comment Re:Next step to prevent PC piracy (Score 1) 795

And I can only assume you despise movies and books too which tend to have no "replay value" either, and which also only deliver a few hours of enjoyment for the cost...

Not necessarily, but in general, yes. If it's only worth watching once, then it's probably a poor film. If it's only worth reading once, then it's probably a poor book.

Think of your favorite movies. Do you watch them again? Do you own them on DVD? Do you buy movies on DVD that you don't want to watch more than once? Why not?

Same basic principle at work here. Replay-value is an important part of a purchase decision. I don't buy DVD's until I've seen the movie already, why would video games be any different?

Comment Re:Intelligence test (Score 0, Redundant) 281

If you guys are comfortable letting Apple or anyone else have this, it's just because your brain hasn't digested what it means yet. Don't worry, wait for the first few scandals. It will take a few years - maybe long enough for every asshole company to start doing this. But it will get easier to understand.

I voluntarily send my location to Google every 2 hours (via Latitude). Why should I care if they know where I am? I mean, what exactly are you, some kind of spy?

Nobody cares where *you* are. You're just not that important. Sorry to bust your ego-bubble.

They only really care where people are in aggregate. That information is far more useful.

And if where you are does actually matter, then *turn it off*. Simple enough to do, really.

Comment Re:if only that were the end (Score 1) 405

it turned out that I was able to eventually unbrick it after hours of trying different things.

You don't even know what "brick" means, do you?

"Bricking" means, basically, turning the device into a functional brick which does nothing whatsoever. It is not possible to restore a bricked device, under ANY circumstances. There is no such thing as "unbricking". The term makes no sense.

If you could restore it to functionality, then it was not "bricked".

You most emphatically could no simply do a software restore.

In point of fact, yes, you could. The iPhone has a special mode you can boot it into that will allow you to do a restore regardless of the software on the device. The fact that you didn't know how to do it does not invalidate my original statements.

iPhones cannot be bricked by jailbreaking. Period. This is a statement of fact. If you disagree, then you're wrong. It's that simple.

Comment Re:if only that were the end (Score 1) 405

I agree that if you bought it you own it. ANd would you agree that if you break it or want service it's okay for apple not to supply it? And if something bricks it, it's not apple's problem?

Jailbreaking cannot "brick" your iPhone. You can restore it to factory settings by simply doing a "Restore" in iTunes. This has nothing to do with the current software on the phone at all, since restoring wipes the phone entirely anyway.

I'd bet that people that jail break and brick make more than their share of service requests and cause more than their share of replacements.

Nope. Quite the contrary, in fact.

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