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Comment Self-soldeirng solder (Score 1) 321

OK, this one needs doing as a cautionary tail. Working at Amstrad in the 80's I had a nice battery-powered soldering iron with an effiung great NiCad in it. The wire broke off one end of the battery. I grab a soldering station and set to soldering the tag - but no solder. The boss has the big roll of solder so I haul off a metre of it and wander back. I then solder the battery teminal, and scream in pain.

For lo, the other end of the solder coil has flopped out of my palm and is leaning on the other end of the NiCad. NiCad then discharges through the solder coil, melting the whole thing instantly in my palm. I had a palm full of hot lead. Owser!

Comment Re:Physicality Matters (Score 1) 292

FBI Agents in New Zealand are tourists subject to New Zealand law, not sworn officers of our law. They were told they couldn't have Dotcom's data until the judge had decided, so the difference here is that they are in contempt of court. The contents of that drive are Dotcoms personal data and while this may not mean much in the US it means a helluva lot more over here and foreigners aren't allowed to just run off with it.

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