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Comment Maybe in the US its ok (Score 2) 118

but this kind of behaviour is not OK in New Zealand. What if someone from NZ snuck over and trademarked "Honour" (or "Honor" on your side of the pond)?

Frankly, I'm fed up with corporations behaving like this then bleating that they are only doing it to secure their profits which justifies anything as you know. Time they got taken down a peg or two.


Submission + - Microsoft caught with hand in cookie jar ( 1

dlane writes: "Representatives of the NZ Open Source Society have successfully opposed a Microsoft software patent application related to XML use in representing productivity data. This was a very broad patent, found subject to prior art: i.e. a very low quality patent that shouldn't have been submitted much less granted. As it was, it took the NZOSS members and their legal team 8 years to get MS to abandon the application.

This isn't the first time they've tried this: another bad application ( was submitted to NZ's patent office although it had been disallowed in other jurisdictions (including US) due to prior art. NZOSS representatives challenged the application and were able to force MS to change the wording to the point where it was no longer seen as a threat to developers.

Whenever Microsoft claims support for "improved quality patents" realise that what they mean is "other people's patents". Feel free to highlight their hypocrisy."

Comment Another user finds keylogger on Samsung Laptop (Score 1) 515

And another one:

"I literally just bought a new Samsung r540, guess its going back to newegg



Laptop has the SL directories and all affected files from the writeup

Comment Re:3D Printing & modelling (Score 1) 225

Uh, you're kidding? I take it you're not familiar with these things. Kids develop a design and then refine it based on observations on how the design behaves in the real world. Be it a biological model, an aircraft, a piece of scientific or medical equipment, or whatever. Pretty much parallels the scientific method even if they're just building pinewood derby cars.

Comment Independent discovery of keylogger on new Samsung (Score 1) 515

I browsed around a bit and found this thread in a forum:

In which Bianca150 last year posted that they had discovered Stealth KeyLogger 5.0 on a brand new Samsung laptop but assumed it was legit because you could download it from CNET!

Coincidence or corroboration?

Vik :v)

Comment 3D Printing & modelling (Score 3, Interesting) 225

Teach the kids about 3D printing (see maybe even get one of the cheap printer kits or an UP! Printer if you have budget.

These things let kids unleash a form of creativity and spatial learning that is hard to find anywhere else. No need to actually teach them how to design 3D objects - they'll be scrambling to figure it out for themselves! Keen students will print their own 3D printers. Less enthusiastic ones will download from and create "Mash up" objects.

Inevitably one of them will print a penis for shock value, but kids are like that.

Submission + - On The Trail of A Fake Virus Scammer (

vik writes: A sysadmin of my acquaintance recently received a phone call from "Computer Maintenance" purporting to be on behalf of Microsoft, and smelt a rat. The scammers want you to visit ( or perhaps ) and want remote access to your computer, to install malware, your credit card or both. This is how he tracked Rajat Kumar Jain of JARS services to his lair.

Comment Stick with it, Nokia (Score 1) 336

I'm a happy N900 owner. I can install real Linux apps on my phone and I don't have to root it or wait until the app store is supported in my country. I can run OpenOffice on my phone, and have no problems getting hold of codecs, VPN, VoIP clients, X apps etc. while I see Android owners waiting and waiting, or having to hack and root their machines to get unofficial versions of nagware installed etc.

Won't pretend it's the best choice for everybody, but Nokia has it right. Real Linux on a real smartphone.

Vik :v)

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