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Comment Re:Fighting Piracy is Good for Open Source (Score 1) 286

Well it's sure heartening to know arrogance doesn't just apply to signed Artists that deal with the MAFIAA.

You have no idea where the road you are going down will lead, do you? You really think putting people in jail for copying files where there is no loss of physical product, only duplication, will lead to some sort of success for yourself and those like you? You want to benefit from the suppression/repression of others? Think bigger picture.

Comment Re:Forget about editing just old Word and PP (Score 1) 504

What, no mention of being tied to the App Store and a specific apple ID? No mention of only being able to use apple 'approved' apps on the ipad?

There are seriously deficient IT integration considerations from the get-go with an iPad, the only reason to even consider implementation in the first place is if Apple shows up at your door with a dumptruck full of free iPads.

Comment What a rather limited view of our options... (Score 1) 352

Why would we just use one bomb? If its necessary, start hitting it with everything we have in an orderly fashion, hell we can probably change trajectory enough to prevent catastrophe with multiple detonations at a particular area, think Project Orion with the asteroid as the space craft (and we don't care if the craft disintegrates in the process).


Comment Re:"first they ignore you" (Score 1) 610

they are overturning MS in the "home turf" of corporate business customers. They do so without creating a separate business line of devices, "Enterprise" software or the RFQ-response configuration choices, beloved by hardware vendors selling to corporations.

I strongly disagree, Apple abandoned its corporate business customers when they abandoned XServe, which was in fact a fantastic 'enterprise' ecosystem. Being an Agency, we still use Apple products for our creative teams, but no longer consider their technology for any infrastructure (eg Thunderbolt storage options). Soon I will be proposing a move from their equipment entirely for even the Creative team, but the upgrade period expected for them is still 1+ years out, we'll see if they do anything remotely innovative business wise for companies that aren't just 2-5 people using shared storage.

I grew to love OS X as I used it more, but Apple's decisions in terms of business support (and the apparent move to an iOS/app store ecosystem) just isn't something that improves the state of computing in business.

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