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Comment Re:News Organizations (Score 1) 57

I feel it was the McDonald's inheritance fortune from years back that poisoned NPR. Republicans saw a chance to siphon some profits from the teat of a public institution and immediately did their damnedest to wrestle their own control into the foundations that manage that money. CPB was the first domino to really fall to them.

Comment Re:Fucking Casuals. (Score 4, Insightful) 303

You don't understand the issue or you are making money from the technique and have fully disconnected yourself from the ethical implications of HFT scamming.

I'll use plain english terms to describe it since I'm not in that industry and never remember the fancy facade of names used to obfuscate investing practices and technical points from non-industry people.

You can check the bid/ask prices, the type of HFT process that screws you happens entirely AFTER you press the buy button, they see your buy at one data exchange location and literally outrun your network packets to remaining exchange points to buy up what you just clicked 'buy' on. You end up with a portion of what your lowest bid was, but suddenly the other locations that have the product to fill the order are all priced higher from the HFT gamer. This requires special high speed access and high speed API access to the data exchange points.

It's rigging the system. It's a great hack if you are making money for yourself but it's more than just unethical, it utterly destroys any usefulness of financial investment markets, and also leads to caustic disruption of real world economic data.


Comment Re:It's Not Really Oracle (Score 1) 163

In many instances, Oracle is expensive and overly complex for what is the ultimate underlying (and simple) task of storing data in a reliable and redundant fashion. A hardcore geek's RDBMS is not what anyone should ever recommend for any production database environment that does not employ umpteen 'hardcore geeks' at any given time to explicitly manage that system.

Oracle is like a diamond encrusted iphone of DBs, it's got perceived value and makes others think you have money and power, and that perception drives it continued usage.

Comment Re:I'll wait and see (Score 1) 117

That's so quaint, you still won't cut the cord.

HBO and the other movie channels have had their chance. The cable is cut, they either get with the program and open subscription services to all ala Netflix/Hulu/Vudu/etc. or die on the cable-attached vine. Sorry for the loss of good programming but there's always new programming coming.

Comment Pure Bullshit (Score 1) 361

Yet it’s important to remember that subsidy programs are a conventional business practice that brings down the cost of services for consumers. Nobody’s access is degraded. In an increasingly connected world, it’s a welcome development that carriers and ISPs are proposing market-oriented solutions to bring more people online while gaining a new revenue stream for network upgrades.

Is this a joke? Subsidy programs don't bring down the cost of services, ever. Access is 'degraded' by overselling services after the big ISPs use their subsidies for piecemeal upgrades that only pad profits, instead of actually improve the entire infrastructure. Carrier and ISP's market-oriented solutions are to bring more profits with the least amount of additional expenditure, and network upgrades are an accident of necessity. New revenue streams are about profits.

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