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Comment Re:Fuck religion. (Score 4, Insightful) 903

The Democrats had the majority, but the Republican's used the pseudo-filibuster bullshit to prevent any legislation from passing. When they realized that the ACA they let slip through was much bigger for Obama than they expected, after major negotiations neutering it and in-fact supporting the individual mandate as a compromise, they panicked and since then just "filibuster" instead of trying to negotiate on everything. (Saying your negotiating and compromising when its 'my way or the highway' every fucking time even after concessions are made by Democrats on the various legislation pieces does not actually equal negotiating and compromising).

The Dems had majority, but the Reps used the loopholes to command the power like they were the majority. That's why people can be confused about it.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 0) 198

Hold on let me go grab a copy of Debian Linux and install it. No ads. And it's free. Advertisers have nothing to do with the internet being free, they have to do with people making money off stuff that could be free in the first place. An entire ecosystem has developed around supporting the advertising based internet, as opposed to an infrastructure ecosystem being built based around 'actual' free services provided for the sake of community/social improvement/etc.

The internet advertisers are attached to is free because otherwise people would do it for free anyway, without a way for the advertisers to make their middleman money off the system.

It is what it is.

Comment Re:Local media does stream (Score 1) 128

You already have a TV and a PC, you can control it from the PC.

The media services that come with most tv's are TERRIBLE in terms of stability and reliability.

This is cheap enough that it could replace OTA and Cable for even low income households over the course of the next few months.

This is going to be replacing higher priced setups for office presentations everywhere as well, I'm already ordering one to test at the office and if it goes well, everyone that goes to client sites will have their own to carry with them.

Comment Re:Well Then (Score 1) 203

Blackthorne got me started on Blizzard, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans got me stuck on Blizzard. Playing Warcraft 2 on was the best gaming I ever experienced. I even had my animated gif filled Warcraft 2 strategy guide site published in one of those early internet yellow pages books, which seemed awesome at the time but is hilariously awkward in retrospect. was and still is annoying crap that really is just a way to chain you to them. I have never paid to play WoW and have passed on Diablo 3. Heart of the Swarm was a monumentally terrible story line that only worked to setup essentially the exact same outcome from Warcraft 3 with Chaos. Perhaps Starcraft 3 will be mixing SC and WC universes together. So far, SC is just a lazy reworking of WC with 'surprises' that tend to bewilder any expectations of competence.

Fortunately I'm older now and don't really give a shit, but it's my own children that are going to have to deal with this nonsense now.

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

Visual Studio? Do you even know what TechNet was for? It was not just a cheaper MSDN, it was something that reinforced Microsoft's position with IT pros and provided important access to new and old operating systems and applications. Visual Studio was the least important piece of the pie for many TechNet subscribers.

This decision will hinder adoption of future MS technology and eliminates a revenue source, as there will now be no revenue for the limited time demo based testing environments. Timed demos, aka "Evaluations," just don't cut it and the loss of Technet is the loss of an insanely important resource for IT.

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