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Comment Well now (Score 1) 262

I was totally ready to rage on G+ until I read it was MG Siegler, now I'm going to change my profile to a middle finger, but not at G+, specifically at MG S because he's such a two bit whiny douchebag of a TechCrunch columnist. He is the reason I rarely read TC... all potatoes, no meat. I can't fault Google for finding any possible reason to fuck with him. ;)

Comment Re:Hahaha (Score 0) 315

Programming is a different animal in and of itself, immediate 'upper management' in your field does require more expertise than most, however 'upper management' for the programmers is probably a piece of a segregated IT department from the rest of 'upper management' in a company. Your own experience skews your view of the necessities. I bet your own upper management has personal ties among each other that you don't realize or are ignoring to make your argument. Your view is optimal but its not at all reality.

Comment Re:Hahaha (Score 1, Insightful) 315

Every single place I've ever worked or been involved in the corporate going-ons. Everywhere. If you drink with the right people, play golf with the right people, sleep with the right people, or have the same rich friends as certain people, you can be upper management. The 'skilled' workers are kept in the trenches exactly because they are skilled and good doing what they do. The few skilled hard workers that make the move to upper management are just the ones that are tired of getting fucked over on salary while they produce everything, so they buy into the management bullshit and mingle with the other wordsmiths in order to make a change in their life. You need more exposure to different situations, try being a consultant for a while, you'll discover the reality real quick if you are even mildly observant.

Comment Re:"A fix for the bug"? (Score 1) 140

Its pretty obvious what's going on, CIQ is essentially an NSA (or other intelligence sponsored) front that can be used for, apparently, an insane amount of intelligence gathering with minimal need to work with different providers and other corporations at the same time. Makes perfect sense from their intelligence perspective to have that extra 'last mile' intelligence capability on individual cell phones. They're also playing it smart by letting CIQ pretend to be 'open' to discussion and pushing a network diagnostics angle to throw off the scent of any nefarious activity. Years ago, I would've assumed my own view on this is conspiracy bullshit, but it makes sense from an intelligence gathering standpoint. Hell of an idea though. Also, if they AREN'T using CIQ for this, that's just outright incompetence on their part, whoever is in charge of doing stuff that improves their creation of a controlled populace police state will probably get demoted or fired.

Comment Re:Competition? Who'd a thunk. (Score 2) 115

LOL. Here come the metanationals, you idiot. There will be on licensed group for the entire EU, and the small time broadcasters will have to pay up to this 'middle man' of a sorts for broadcast rights. Prices will be driven up, advertising prices will be driven up, sports attendance prices will be driven up. God bless the free market (even though there is nothing actually free about it).

Comment Re:Shut up about rounded corners already (Score 1) 148

Perhaps if you had read the previous comments on the previous submissions, the Samsung lawyers were not there to identify the devices, they were there to argue the case, the judge was wrong to directly ask the attorneys about the differences between two devices that employ the same style of technology. The attorneys were in the right to not answer without consideration. But it makes a good bullshit soundbite for astroturfers such as yourself.

Comment Re:...the dock. (Score 1) 862

I use the dock the same way I use the start menu, it provides the exact same functionality for me (and add the Applications folder to the dock, set as List format and its like an All Programs menu).

You obviously don't use a Mac on a regular basis. I once had the same opinion you did, but I only used Macs on occasion at that point. I've been on a Mac for work since late 2009 and find the Dock always feels cleaner and more useful than the Start menu, especially the Start menu's tendency to auto-close when you get a notification from something in the taskbar. Also, Launchy is nice, but I don't run DOS anymore, I just use quick shortcuts for the 5-10 apps I use most often.

Comment Platform apps huh? (Score 3, Interesting) 354

So wait, now we're NOT writing rich applications to be delivered by the browser and instead focusing on native, platform-based apps? I thought that was EXACTLY what we were getting away from. The only 'platform' apps are iPhone and Android mobile apps due to the screen real estate available, even a tablet has the size and responsiveness to work fine with web based apps. Oh wait, a Windows 8 article, that explains it... this is just Microsoft PR being propped up on the backs of mobile interfaces.

Comment Re:Single point of failure (Score 1) 143

If someone hacks, you might find out. The cloud is a much larger beast and if some fundamental underlying technology in it is hacked you may never have any clue, Amazon may not ever even catch it. Eventually the systems are just too big to secure based on traffic load and the insane amounts of data, you have to play bug smasher after its already compromised and proactively defend the systems, but there is a critical point at which you just cant prevent, only mitigate, damage that can be done.

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