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Comment Re:Apple Pippin 2! (Score 1) 191

that's because the gaming market isn't basement dwellers playing the latest shooter or hack and slash game. it has moved way beyond that now. angry birds and other casual games hook people that would never play "real games" and they make more profits than most "real games"

Your right there's no need to make any big 'nerdy' games when there's a fortune to be made from casual angry birds clones. The problem is that developing these mobile casual games is basically a lottery where millions play and only a few very lucky people ever actually the big money.

Comment Re:How could you "dumb down" the living room? (Score 0) 191

You aren't by chance the arrogant prick who goes by the same username ("Jedidiah") on Ars Technica's comment boards, are you? Because when I sent a complaint in about you, I got a very nice reply referring to you as a "well-known but harmless douchebag" from their moderator team. Even if it isn't you, looks like the label applies!

The Apple is strong in this one...

Comment Re:increasing divorce or honesty? (Score 1) 277

The quest giver in the MMORPG says I have to catch 10 rats in order to level up. (Or for the poor saps who work in the industry, the boss says you have to find and ban 10 exploiters before moving off front line support.)

On the plus side, we gamers never had to worry about divorce because we never even leveled up to dating.

Besides, gamers who are caught cheating can just do the repeatable flower hand in quest for slow but steady regains of partner faction.

Comment Re:Incredible (Score 1) 117

What if I was a slashdot reader who had just had a miscarriage?

Are you seriously getting offended on behalf of other people who may not even find it offensive? You know nothing bad actually happens to you when you get offended right? It's a waste of time, just move on.

Comment Re:Sounds like American textbooks (Score 1) 409

Next time an American school demands their textbooks "teach the controversy" of intelligent design or some other bullshit, we should show them this Indian textbook as an example of how doctoring our textbooks is making us look to the rest of the world.

But...but....creationism is just a lie. Where as, technically its true that meat eaters most certainly do lie, cheat and commit sex crimes, but so do vegetarians.
Just not all of them.

Comment Re:Global warming causing global cooling... (Score 0) 224

Insulted because someone doesn't believe in your version of reality... Sounds like you both believe in a religion to me. Next time you might be better off with a well reasoned response.

Atheism is no more a religion than naked is a brand of clothing.
(note the lowercase 'n' in naked)

Although the prior post was unnecessarily aggressive, it does bring up the valid point of religious belief sets, especially in the US are typically lumped in a package deal together political beliefs and a lack of trust in the world wide scientific community, typically manipulated with falsified information such as this.
I've actually had some wild unemployed troll telling me he would rather die of some dreaded but easily curable disease than accept 'faggoty european commie free health care'. ( I couldn't find the original link he sent me about oil wells magically refilling but it was a huge url with 'wall-street-journal' written near the end of it).

Does these holy books really have such a level of control over these kinds of people or is it just some innate brainwashed gullibility that they will aggressively defend?

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 4, Informative) 578

I am not democrat, did not vote for Obama either.

Laughing about the end of these sorts of values is not hate, it is joy. Try not to cry yourself to sleep again. That was a joke by the way. In a few weeks you might even be able to laugh at it.

You don't need to fabricate things for them to be funny. Sometimes the truth is more hilarious

Comment Re:Let's hear it for the beancounters (Score 1) 432

But how would you feel if you were the most successful salesman in your company, working on a 6% commission, and the boss came to you claiming he needed to pay everyone their "fair share"? Therefore, since you were the most successful, he was reducing your commission to 3% so that he could raise everyone else's to 10%? This is what a progressive tax does.

Poor analogy because it implies that rich people work proportionately harder for their extra share; but lets play with your analogy a little. Assume your average salesman earns 30k per year. Now given the statistic that US executives earn 380 times the average salary (see link at the bottom) we know that you Mr successful salesman earns.
Your example successful salesman earns a staggering 11,400,000. But he loses a horrific 3% of his income because he's so successful and suffers only taking home 11,058,000, boo-hoo his life is now ruined and now the other commie bastard employees unfairly gain 4% income now take home an extra 1200 giving a grand total of 31200. Maybe they can buy some clothes for their kids now. What kind of perverted society would do this? Luckily we live in a society where mister executive pays little to no tax and so the average wage guys have to pay a third of theirs to make it up.

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