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Submission + - Apple ordered to re-write 'inaccurate' Samsung statement (

rainmouse writes: Apple has 48 hours to re-write a statement on its website relating to its design rights dispute with Samsung, UK judges have ruled.
Apple have asked that they be given 14 days to post the replacement — but the request was firmly denied. Lord Justice Longmore told Mr Beloff: "We are just amazed that you cannot put the right notice up at the same time as you take the other one down." One of the other judges, Sir Robin Jacob, added: "I would like to see the head of Apple [Tim Cook] make an affidavit about why that is such a technical difficulty for the Apple company."

Comment Re:No matter what the outcome actually is.... (Score 1) 1184

That's a typical cut for a lawyer working on a contingency fee. Apple's not short on funds, so they pay lawyers on an hourly fee/retainer basis.


Perhaps, but people who get paid by the hour, win or lose can sometimes lack motivation. The lawyers will have a much greater incentive for winning if they get a cut of the 'winnings'.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, UK has become Uncle Sam's lapdog (Score 4, Insightful) 1065

Damn, and you were doing so well there for a minute....But then you criticised the NHS (National Health Service, for non-Brits).

Gotta agree on that one. The USA is the laughing stock of the west in regards to healthcare. The fact that they can brainwash their citizens into aggressively defending their morally bankrupt health care system that has many people crushed with anxiety over the mere cost of visiting a doctor and leaves the USA with some of the lowest life expectancy in the western world.

Comment Re:Market economy to the rescue (Score 3, Informative) 285

In the UK (this was about 8 years ago so values will have changed a bit) if there was a dangerous junction where there were a lot of road accidents, if the cost was greater than a three quarters of a million pounds to change the junction to something safer such as a roundabout, they would have to wait until somebody died before fixing it. Placing the value of life of a citizen clearly in that figure.

Comment Re:Oh, this won't end well... (Score 1) 1134

If anything, more applications should have command lines.

This is the approach that in my opinion kills Linux for casual users. Sure its got a nice and smooth GUI but most Linux users sit with the terminal open and when something breaks or needs a bit of messing around to make it compatible, any helpful suggestions on the internet tend to involve heavy terminal usage which to the uninitiated seems to be an unnecessary learning time investment and will turn the vast majority users away to something more user friendly.

GUIs are getting better and more intuitive with each OS generation. Now even very old people can typically handle a smart phone or browse the web on a laptop. I'm not advocating we remove consoles, quite the opposite but I agree that things targeted at mass consumersmarkets should definitely have everything doable by GUI. I'm not sure why people are so negative about this article, seems most of the comments below are talking abut industry professional users or IT technicians running batch macros.

Comment Re:Yes, you can do that. (Score 1) 1004

Sure, it's illegal, but most people simply don't consider it wrong. No amount of propaganda will change this.

I know a lot of people who have openly said they would actually rather pay to watch this show rather than download it for free, as long as they don't need to buy months or even years worth of other shit. The other consideration is it must be a reasonably low amount of effort required to legally stream etc to justify not just downloading it for free with minimal effort.

When they sell something to a single outlet that most people don't have access to, they shouldn't pretend to be surprised that people will find other ways of watching it.

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