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Comment Age Discrimination (Score 1) 618

Clearly most of the Trek fans here were introduced to ST:TNG and not the original Trek. I think this says more about the age of the poll takers than which captain is actually best. Since I'm likely older than many /.ers I prefer Kirk because that's how I was introduced to the Trek franchise.

Comment Send it to Enceladus instead (Score 2) 142

We've been exploring Mars for 40+ years now and so far we've not found evidence of life. We are much closer answering the question if it did or does, and I won't be surprised if we find microfossils and even life, but the parameters are very narrow. Now if we send a DNA sequencer to a icy moon of Jupiter or Saturn that has an ocean under it's ice, the odds of finding life go up dramatically. Europa would have been my first choice but we have to get through that thick crust. Enceladus would be even better. It's spewing liquid water into space. So we know where the crust is thinnest. And it does have the ingredients for life.

Comment It's not a ban (Score 1) 642

It's a restriction on portion size. You can still buy more than one. The human body wasn't designed to handle that much liquid sugar all at once. Those mega-drinks do make obesity more likely. Consumers do not have perfect knowledge. Human's evolved under feast and famine conditions. We live in a society of plenty and it's difficult to overcome human biology even with perfect knowledge. Our physiology works against us. It's very easy to regain the weight lost. I know. I lost nearly 60 pounds but have gained it back. That's over a period of 10 years. I'm in the process of losing it again, but it's going to take longer because I'm older.

There are several questions that need to be answered: Are we our brother's keeper? Do we need a nanny state? Should we pay for the health costs associated with obesity of our neighbors?

Taking personal responsibility is great and all, but it can only do so much. I think a better solution would be a sweetener tax than a portion limit. Congress uses the tax code for social engineering. A sugar sales tax would also be social engineering. By making one of the ingredients more expensive the cost would be passed on to the consumer. The revenue could be used for education or healthcare costs.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 555

As long as Arizona is governed by bible thumping racist assholes, Phoenix will not be the next Silicon valley. It won't be much of anything. Our only hope is that global warming makes the Phoenix valley uninhabitable and forces the inhabitants to disperse, something like what Katrina did to New Orleans.

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