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Comment I liked gnome 2 better (Score 1) 535

All I really want is a straight forward classic desktop environment. I wouldn't call myself extremely techie, but I can figure out how to tweek the usability part myself, given the right tools. I felt gnome 2 gave me that, while gnome 3 just left me annoyed and confused. If I want a DE that just pisses me off every time I log on, I can just go get a copy of Windows Vista.

For now I spend most of my time on Windows 7, because it's not completely hopeless. Have been looking at Cinnamon lately though. I've always loved what the Linux Mint team has brought to the table, so it doesn't come as a surprise to me that it looks good and is easy to use. Only problem there is that my ATI card isn't completely happy with it, so I get a 2-3 sec freeze once in a while. As I'm not super techie (as mentioned above), I currently don't know how to solve that. If anyone knows a fix (like turning something on or off) please leave a comment.

Comment Bad hardware/tech support (Score 1) 250

I switched ISP a bit over a year ago because of crappy provided hardware and bad tech support. I basically had a wireless-b modem which wasn't able to keep a steady signal to my laptop which usually was within 3 meters without walls or obstacles in the way. I contacted the support and they told me to use WPA instead of WPA2 to solve the issue *facepalm*. I ended up hooking a cheap wireless-n router to their crappy modem, then contacted another ISP and got a cheaper and faster plan (which hadn't been available when I got the original plan)... problem solved, and I ended up saving a penny and getting faster internet on top of it all. I guess I should thank that useless tech support agent.

Comment Don't mind it, but would rather not use it (Score 1) 798

It's not that I mind Unity or Gnome-Shell, but I just can't find any way I can be as productive (fast) on them as on Gnome 2.xx. I find the interface to be in the way of what I'm trying to achieve. It would be a great interface for my phone, but for my computer I'd rather have something that was specifically designed for less clicks.

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