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Comment Altruism... (Score 4, Informative) 263

Education is a broad category... geek-ish is equally broad depending on application.

Prime Directive... LOCAL...LOCAL...LOCAL. Your operative or key word is impact. You want to insure that as much as your dollar achieves its intended objective and that you have the ability to (if you choose) to verify the impact. Avoid a national or international blunderbuss -- such an approach scatters your money, creates too much dilution and generally includes excessive overhead.

Out-of-the-Box Brainstorm Suggestions:

Crisis Hotline, Woman's Center (or an similar support system for domestic abuse), Big Brothers Big Sisters, Homeless Shelters, Addiction and Rehabilitation Groups

You can also use Charity Navigator to assist you in researching specific organizations.

Each of these can be geeked-up to provide uplift and outreach were normal "geek enablement" or "geek opportunity" might otherwise simply be unavailable due to lack of funding. KEEP IN MIND -- Educational opportunities and technical services are very low priority when safety, food, and shelter are priority one!

Just a thought...


Submission + - Most powerful laser to be built in Romania as part of a larger EU funded project (

cripkd writes: The 3rd pillar from the ELI program has been given the go ahead yesterday.
"In Romania, Magurele, the ELI pillar will focus on laser-based nuclear physics. For this purpose, an intense gamma-ray source is forseen by coupling a high-energy particle accelerator to a high-power laser."
Specs and details about why this is not your regular key-chain laser here.


Submission + - The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here (

An anonymous reader writes: Wired Magazine interviews several car manufacturers and technology companies developing autonomous vehicles. Riding in Google's self driving car with Chris Urmson, a roboticist and Anthony Levandowski, business lead on the project, reveals how rapidly autonomous car innovation has come. A S-Class Mercedes test drive is "monitored by the car’s Attention Assistance function, which tracks more than 70 elements—from minor steering wheel movements to my use of turn signals—for signs of operator fatigue. After 20 minutes, the baseline is set and the car will flag subsequent deviations. If, while parsing the data, it senses that I’ve grown weary, a coffee cup icon pops up in the instrument cluster. (It’s up to me to pull over for the coffee.)" Audi has included an "adaptive cruise-control system" in the A8 model that features a “stop and go" ability while driving at low speeds. The primary drawback to the adoption of autonomous in society besides legal hurdles "may be social and cultural. Do we want to give up the wheel? More than status, the car represents freedom. It’s a fundamental part of our character, liberty with the turn of a key"

Comment Well done, Ray and Greg! (Score 2) 113

My warmest congratulations. Clearly, you've out leveled this zone. You have enjoyed a long and productive career of which you can justly be proud. The experience, skill, and capabilities you can share with social institutions is rare and badly needed. Good on you. Game on...

Submission + - Studying Tsunami (

Taco Cowboy writes: When most ocean waves collide, the "interaction height" is usually the sum of the incoming wave heights. But in the case of interaction between X- and Y-shaped ocean waves, the wave heights that result from such interactions turn out to be much taller, indicating that they may in the nonlinear category.

Satellite observations of the 2011 tsunami generated by the devastating earthquake that struck Japan indicate there was an X-shaped wave created by the merger of two large waves. If the interaction had happened at a much greater distance from shore, the devastation could have been even worse as the amplitude could have been even larger. Not every tsunami is strengthened by interacting waves, but when they do intersect there can be a powerful multiplier because of the nonlinearity.

Two mathematicians from the University of Colorado at Boulder, professor Mark Ablowitz and doctoral student Douglas Baldwin decided to investigate why some tsunamis are able to wreak so much havoc.

A paper on the subject by Ablowitz and Baldwin was published this month in the journal Physical Review E.

Ablowitz first observed the nonlinear wave action in 2009 while visiting Nuevo Vallarta just north of Puerto Vallarta with his family. He took hundreds of photographs and videos of the peculiar waves over the next several years.

"Unlike most new physics, you can see these interactions without expensive equipment or years of training," said Ablowitz. "A person just needs to go to a flat beach, preferably near a jetty, within a few hours of low tide and know what to look for."

Baldwin, who is studying under Ablowitz, wanted to verify that the wave interactions observed by his professor were not unique to one beach. He hit the jackpot at Venice Beach.

"I don't think there is anything more enjoyable in science than discovering something by chance, predicting something you haven't seen, and then actually seeing what you predicted," said Baldwin.

To see photos and videos of the wave interactions visit and


Submission + - Romney Video Recorded Illegally 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Investigative attorney Marc Weber Tobias writes in Forbes that whoever recorded Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's private speech to campaign contributors in May about the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax did so illegally because reporters were specifically excluded from the fund raiser and Florida is one of twelve states where it is a felony to record a conversation covertly when all parties have not consented. "The interesting question for politicians is whether criminal action should be pursued against those producing the covert recordings or making their contents public," writes Tobias adding that Linda Tripp, friend to Monica Lewinsky, was prosecuted in Maryland after secretly recording phone conversations relating to the Clinton Affair. Although under Florida law it is a felony to secretly record someone who has a reasonable expectation they are not being recorded, many say anyone running for President should always expect that they may be recorded by someone, somehow. "The thing that candidates have to worry about is that every event that they're at, there's no such thing as off the record anymore," said Doug Thornell. "These are moments that campaigns live for. And certainly in this instance, Mitt Romney provided Democrats with a gold mine of rhetoric.""

Submission + - French censorship shields the british court, but not the Prophet. (

An anonymous reader writes: A french court of law has banned the press from publishing topless photos of the so-called Princess Kate of Britain. (Please note: the US Constitution expressly does not recognize titles of nobility and peerage.) The photos were made using tele-lenses while standing on publicly available pedestrian paths.

How come it is banned to display topless members of the "Saxo-Coburg-Gotha" dynasty, a 150 year old german concoction that pretends to be "House of Windsor" to mislead the born britons, yet media is allowed and encouraged to display and over-report heinous internet video accusations against Mohammed, the 1300 years old founding prophet of the 900+ million strong islamic religion?

How could the republican France of revolutionary fame sink so low as to kiss the toe of british monarchs? Where is liberty and where is egality, when the monarchs are "more equally" protected from the consequences of their own silly, lewd conduct?

I hope Wikileaks and Anonymous will stand up to publish each and every Kate photo in the original RAW resolution, all around the web. President Obama should also speak up and condemn the FR-GB censorshhip pact, because the 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech and of the press is either universally sancto-sanct or just a piece of paper to wipe derriere. It cannot be both ways at the same time, one for the itinerant merchant's daugher created princess and another for a widely revered Prophet, who founded a world religion. That is a paradox the unveils the greed and hubris of "free world" elite!


Submission + - Dice Holdings buys Slashdot and other Geeknet websites for $20M ( 3

Angostura writes: Dice Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that it acquired Geeknet Inc.'s online media business, including its Slashdot and SourceForge websites, for $20 million in cash.
The New York-based careers website company said the acquisition of the technology websites is part of its strategy of providing content and services geared toward technology professionals.

Comment Re:Rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic (Score 1) 2

IPv6 will be embraced only when it is economically advantageous to do so... not a moment before. The core problem is the incredibly ineffective advocacy that's being done on behalf of IPv6. A large part of the resistance to change is in the system administrator and working class SME community. When they are called into to testify before the boss about this subject, they err on the side of caution, stick with what they know and are comfortable with, and don't have a good counter argument for NAT'ing to an internal, private address space. Finally... there has been little effort to socialize business-minded, transitional assistance to catalyze a tipping point. It is very much about influence. A very large and vocal community is simply in denial -- at this point, countering the apathy would be an achievement. Game theory and decision sciece has a lot to offer here if the academically minded tribal warlords would pause for a moment of introspection and realize that they are gaining ground so slowly that their efforts are being overtaken by irrelevancy. The right path is not always the chosen path for either governmental or commercial interests.

Submission + - Your Kid Wants a Thymio II Education Robot (

toygeek writes: How much robot can you get for a hundred bucks? Not much: $100 is about a quarter of a Roomba. A quarter of a cheap Roomba. Or, you can spend it on an open source education robot from Switzerland that will help your kids to learn how to do things besides not vacuuming the floor.

Submission + - Google Bans Online Anonymity While Patenting It

theodp writes: 'It's important to use your common name,' Google explains in its Google+ ground rules, 'so that the people you want to connect with can find you.' Using a 'secondary online identity,' the search giant adds, is a big Google+ no-no. 'There are lots of places where you can be anonymous online,' Betanews' Joe Wilcox notes. 'Google+ isn't one of them.' Got it. But if online anonymity is so evil, then what's the deal with Google's newly-awarded patent for Social Computing Personas for Protecting Identity in Online Social Interactions? 'When users reveal their identities on the internet,' Google explained to the USPTO in its patent application, 'it leaves them more vulnerable to stalking, identity theft and harassment.' So what's Google's solution? Providing anonymity to social networking users via an 'alter ego' and/or 'anonymous identity.' So does Google now believe that there's a genuine 'risk of disclosing a user's real identity'? Or is this just a case of Google's left hand not knowing what its right hand is patenting?
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Traveling the Silk Road: a comprehensive measurement analysis (

An anonymous reader writes: "a comprehensive measurement analysis of Silk Road, an anonymous, international online marketplace that operates as a Tor hidden service and uses Bitcoin as its exchange currency. We gather and analyze data over eight months between the end of 2011 and 2012, including daily crawls of the marketplace for nearly six months in 2012. We obtain a detailed picture of the type of goods being sold on Silk Road, and of the revenues made both by sellers and Silk Road operators. Through examining over 24,400 separate items sold on the site, we show that Silk Road is overwhelmingly used as a market for controlled substances and narcotics. A relatively small "core" of about 60 sellers has been present throughout our measurement interval, while the majority of sellers leaves (or goes "underground") within a couple of weeks of their first appearance. We evaluate the total revenue made by all sellers to approximately USD 1.9 million per month; this corresponds to about USD 143,000 per month in commissions perceived by the Silk Road operators. We further show that the marketplace has been operating steadily, with daily sales and number of sellers overall increasing over the past few months. We discuss economic and policy implications of our analysis and results, including ethical considerations for future research in this area."

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