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Journal Journal: one server, or one server with many virtuals? 4

So, I am in the planing of expanding my home network. I am going to include, a wordpress blog, email (including webmail, imap, etc) webserver (separate from wordpress), proxy server (with content filtering), file server, mysql, and a jabber server. I plan on centralizing logins by openldap. I will other people outside of my home accessing some of these services. My question to the masses is: should I run all of these on one box, or on a slightly bigger box in VM's. I am looking to keep co


Submission + - By Nerds, for Nerds (

GeekyMonkey writes: "An interesting piece in New Scientist on a group creating live performances for geeks crossing science, comedy, and geek culture. An excerpt from the article:
"Carry-on calculators are to be stowed in the lockers provided, electronic devices must most definitely be left switched on (to make fact-checking easy) and remember, the nearest geek may be behind you. Oh, and if you have a question, please wave the white latex glove — or "personal protective question device" — that you were issued with on entry. With that, this month's Festival of the Spoken Nerd, or FOTSN, takes off.""

Comment Re:Millions of children become felons? (Score 4, Insightful) 150

I think that is the craziest part! I love how we (the tax payers) are going to have to pay for the wiretaps, personal to comb though the wiretapped info, and cost of court cases that are brought. All so that the corporations can continue to make money by having us buy their products, and not have to pay to gather the evedince against those they deem pirates.

Submission + - Google’s Action Against Link Schemes Continu ( 1

nj_peeps writes: Last week, J.C. Penney made the news for plummeting in Google rankings for everything from “area rugs” to “grommet top curtains”. Turns out the retail site had a number of suspicious links pointing at it that could be traced back to a link network intended to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithms.
Now, has lost rankings for another type of link that Google finds to be manipulation of their algorithms. And in the midst of all of this, a company with substantial publicity lately for running a paid link network announces they are getting out of the link business entirely.


Submission + - Artists Meld Mind with Machine (

An anonymous reader writes: Linux based CNC system built by two artists in Nebraska paints real artwork. Recently featured on ABC News (YouTube video), the open source system, known as Vangobot, is self contained with an array of paint brushes and onboard paint mixing system. The artists call the technique Synthesized Painting and compare the development to the early days of music synthesizers. The artists are releasing build plans under a creative commons license.

Submission + - Copyright License Fees drive Pandora out of Canada (

An anonymous reader writes: Online streaming music services such as Pandora are abandoning plans to launch in Canada, claiming licensing fees are too high: “These rates ... are astronomical,” Tim Westergren, founder of California-based Pandora wrote in an email to The Canadian Press.

The agency that collects music royalties in Canada on behalf of record companies and performing artists wants to charge web-based music sites that stream to mobile devices the greater of two figures: 45 per cent of the site's gross revenues in Canada or 7.5-tenths of a cent for every song streamed.

Meanwhile, record labels are blaming the lack of online music services in Canada on piracy: “Why would you spend a lot of money trying to build a service in Canada when Canadians take so much without paying for it?” said Graham Henderson, president of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, which represents major record labels.

Comment De-franchise ISP's (Score 1) 390

This is the exact reason why we need to defranchise the cable-co and telco's. If they do not have any one to compete against (other then cable vs. telco) they have no reason to make them selves competitive by expanding or upgrading their networks. If Comcast had to compete against Cox, Charter, TWC, etc. and Verizon's FiOS was competing with AT&T's U-Verus, I bet broadband speeds in the US would be much better. Then if you really didn't like they way your ISP was operating, you would have more then just one other choice. But I doubt that will ever happen since private corporations have Congress in their pocket.

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