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Comment Re:Drudge and other U.S. bloggers are next (Score 1) 349

What you posted is a (rather effective actually, if left uncountered) example of propaganda. You posted something which is true, but which is skewed very far in one direction by the fact that you only mention the one facet which benefits your side and designed to stir up hate for the Democrats. You neglected to mention that for example, when left wing bloggers criticized the US military for actions during the Iraq/Afghanistan wars various right wing leaders publicly denounced them as traitors, and that the Republican Party pushed the hardest for the USA PATRIOT Act and the accompanying security apparatus.

Comment So this means (Score 1) 367

that we won't see any more sniveling, whiny, hand-wringing articles about how EVIL RED CHINA is murderously hacking poor innocent USA, and that the USA needs to declare war on them or something because this is an unprecedented and dastardly attack?

Oh wait, oops, nope, that is typical Western sanctimoniousness on display, they will keep tooting the horn with no shame and continue the anti-China hate train, even though they've been revealed now to be total hypocrites.

Comment Is the NSA in on it? (Score 1) 80

They're confirmed to be spying on everyone around the world, so it's totally reasonable to suspect them of doing this too, with no evidence whatsoever except circumstantial talk and random speculation? Am I doing this right?

Of course the article starts with accusing China of hacking. Western hypocrisy never ends, even Snowden's devastating revelations couldn't derail you hypocrites on your anti-China hate train.

Comment So you're going to accept the word (Score 1) 222

of Al-Qaeda terrorists who have been videotaped eating the heart and liver of the enemy and who executed dozens of government prisoners after a battle? Who are the sworn enemy of the United States and the West? Who would kill every Christian and Shia Muslim if they got the chance?

But of course, this is the Western media, who will glorify this filth and pretend that Assad is the greatest evil, when he's the one fighting to save Syria from becoming Somalia/Afghanistan.

Comment These protestors are ignored by the West (Score 5, Interesting) 48

because the Bahrain government is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, and the USA has a big military base there. Consistently these protests have been ignored, or if covered, the Western media has put a pro government slant, especially on the Saudi Arabia aided crackdown awhile back. Western hypocrisy on full display, just like in a sports match it's just fine if your team does it while it's the embodiment of evil if the other team does it (see Libya, Syria).

Nokia Lumia 1020 Video and Photo Shoot Preview 178

MojoKid writes "Nokia, perhaps more-so than any other smartphone manufacturer in the game right now, needed to find a way to make something special. The new Nokia Lumia 1020, though it sports essentially the same internals and display as Nokia's Lumia 920, most definitely is different, and perhaps even an attractive alternative, depending on your specific needs. 41 megapixels of resolution, floating image stabilization and a powerful camera app to back it up, will make the Lumia 1020 pretty 'special' to some people, some of whom might be considering a Windows Phone for the first time as a result. Initial impressions of the device and its camera performance, show Nokia's new flagship device does shoot impressive still images and video, thanks in part to the Lumia 1020's image sensor and stabilization features. Nokia's Pro Cam app is comprised of a slick dial interface that offers virtually all of the controls you'd find in a DSLR camera. From White Balance, to ISO, Focus, Exposure and Flash Control, it's all in there. When you snap a picture, the 1020's camera grabs two versions of the shot; a large full resolution (7700x4300, roughly) shot with a huge 11MB file size is captured and an additional 5MP image is derived from that and stored as well. The results, especially in decent lighting, can be impressive."

Comment In this thread, see the anti-China hate train (Score 0) 148

American government propaganda is accepted as inviolable truth. So a few congressional flunkies who have some ignorant voters to pander to claim that Huawei spies for the Chinese government. That's great, we can just as easily claim that Cisco phones home, or Microsoft Windows phones home, or Boeing bugs the jets of foreign leaders; oops, this one actually happens. As usual the Slashdot anti-China hate train flames China for everything it can get its hands on for no reason whatsoever, showing all the hallmarks of the typical Western hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Forgot what Snowden said? (Score 0) 62

This article, its posting here on Slashdot, and the entirely predictable "Down with TEH EVIL RED CHINA" comment responses are exactly the same as if Fox News posted an overblown, partisan, and hypocritical article about something Obama may or may not have done wrong. The agenda at every step is to cheerlead for the USA with no regards to objectivity and blow up out of proportion something bad China supposedly did, even though the USA has done the same things. I thought Snowden's revelations would get rid of this kind of tripe, nope, within a month it's back.

You want your team to win, and just like in a sports match your team can't commit a foul and everything the other team does is a foul. I get it. It seems some things never change.

Comment Still up in arms about "Chinese hacking"? (Score 1) 491

When it is clear that your side does the same things, if not worse, to its enemies? Is it OK if it's your team doing the hacking, as Western hypocrisy typically dictates?

As an aside, Snowden has set back American foreign policy deeply. He really is a traitor. Of course we'll take it gladly, he's helping our cause every day.

Comment More Western hypocrisy (Score 1, Flamebait) 139

Blah blah blah, evil red China is hacking us. You guys do it to us too, all the time, according to your new hero Snowden, but it's all good if your team does it, right? Now watch as you guys will try your damnedest to split hairs and somehow say that China's hacking was somehow worse or that the US hacking is justified for national security. That just cements the hypocrisy.

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