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Comment Is Israel really America's daddy? (Score 3, Insightful) 315

Sure looks like it here. An Israeli organization is telling the American legal system to crack down, through Twitter, on terrorist organizations which are only minor threats to the US (and in the case of Shabab, not even a threat to Israel).

It's routine for the Americans to insist on other countries to do things for them, but they're now tolerating a Israel telling them to do something for Israel's benefit?

Comment Before everyone proclaims hallelujah (Score 5, Insightful) 681

This guy is spouting Republican talking points, saying the program is "creating too much bureaucracy" and "being wasteful government spending". Notice he doesn't actually care about the loss of privacy and rights. If he could contract a private company to strip search everyone and save money on the budget, he'd probably do it. Heck he might even be able to spin it off as "helping the job creators." Just because someone agrees with you an issue doesn't mean he agrees with you for the same reasons nor that you'd like the solutions he'd propose.

Comment Re:Democracy (Score 1) 171

Hell, when free elections in Palestine bring Hamas into power, or free elections in Lebanon bring Hezbollah to a parliamentary majority, the US calls them terrorists and imposes economic sanctions. This is just within the last 10 years, the US did this routinely during the Cold War. I wonder what will happen if free elections in Libya bring an Islamist government into power. Perhaps Libya will need to get "freedom" crammed down its throat like Iraq did.

Comment This is the flaw with libertarian arguments (Score 1, Insightful) 694

The market will not necessarily support what is good for society, it will only support what is profitable. This company was even given a head start by the government and still couldn't make it. It's very unfortunate that the destructive libertarian argument that the government should stop spending money and let the private sector work it out seemingly has so much traction.

Comment Re:utter, complete hypocritical bullshit (Score 1) 172

So commerce with China is bad, while selling private information to Israel is OK. Is that it? So because Israel is an "ally", means that selling people's phone numbers and addresses is just fine, and somehow trading with China is selling out to the "evil communists?"

Why don't you just admit that you are only interested in what's good for Israel and not what's good for the US or the rest of the world?

Comment More Western Hypocrisy (Score 0) 401

When the Muslim terrorists strike in a Western country, the ranting and raving is about how the "religion of peace" (always used in the sarcastic sense) must be crushed mercilessly and its adherents sent to Guantanamo bay, and countries harboring them must be bombed into oblivion. When the Muslim terrorists (AFGHANISTAN TRAINED, AL-QAEDA AFFILIATED, MIND YOU) strike China, in Xinjiang, the ranting and raving is about the supoposed injustices of the Chinese government and how the terrorists deserve to have their goals fulfilled, never mind that the goal is to establish a Taliban-style Islamic emirate in central Asia. You claim to be on a war on terror, but it's only a war on terror that goes against Western interests. The Cold War is still on, and the enemy of your enemy is still your friend. Total Western hypocrisy here.

Comment Nothing to see here.... (Score 2, Insightful) 121

just more American/Western hypocrisy from Slashdot. Typical. The British have done the same thing in their cities, and it's not like America is totally averse to the idea (red light cameras, anyone?) Clearly, it's evil and oppressive just because China does it and China refuses to knuckle under to Western imperialism.

Comment Re:So when you guys do it too.... (Score 1) 185

You're denying the validity of this report, which states that a full quarter of hackers are working for the FBI/CIA, and thus proxy agents of the government, which is what Slashdotters routinely accuse of Chinese hackers. But because it's your team does the same act, it's either denied (reports false etc.) or justified as being OK (as in the case of Stuxnet). That's American hypocrisy right there.

Comment So this is a horrible, evil thing, (Score -1, Flamebait) 116

Just like the Chinese hack on Google? Oh wait, because it's against Iran, according to Slashdot it's a great stroke for freedom and democracy. Slashdot's Western hypocrisy will quickly show itself once again, and before you say, "but it wasn't America or Israel behind it!!!!!" what proof do you have that the Chinese government was behind the Google hack?

Comment Yet again, Slashdot reveals itself (Score 1, Troll) 91

to be a bunch of pro-American hypocrites. If China, Russia, or Iran were doing this to the Americans, you guys would be advocating wiping them off the face of the earth. It's like a sports match. You get all sanctimonious and angry when the other team does it, but when your team does the same thing, it's all good and fine and justified because the other side is a bunch of evil commies, Islamists, or whatever boogeyman you have this year.

Comment Typical Slashdot China-hating (Score 2) 150

Par for the course, the Slashdot crowd hates on China irrationally, and it gets moderated up due to the ridiculous groupthink. What, you need another Soviet Union to blame everything on and which you can reflexively call evil everything that comes out of there? Aren't you still busy hating on the Arabs?

Comment I like how the Slashdot commenters (Score 1, Insightful) 406

are either denying the obvious/equivocating ridiculously i.e. "this is not confirmation, so we can't take it as fact, even though it's almost certainly true" or flat out justifying the sabotage. If some Chinese hacker group (which would clearly be some shadow arm of the EVIL COMMUNIST PARTY) did this to an American government institution, the masses here would be calling for immediate war against China.

The Western hypocrisy is strong with Slashdot, as it has always been. It loves to get on its soapbox and be sanctimonious when non-allied nations try to defend themselves against Western imperialism, but it's clear that when it's your team doing it, it's all good, just like in a sports match.

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