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Comment Re:Work and study (Score 1) 511

Sadly you are wrong. you see you are thinking like a geek, and "if they can do X, then they can learn Y" but that is like saying because i can play a bass I can trivially learn to play the Oboe.

Oboes aside, learning one fretted string instrument is a big help in learning another; for example, I played guitar for five years before I ever picked up a banjo, and my previous guitar experience made learning the banjo a lot easier. A lot of the skills and techniques do carry over, and I suspect they do on the other side of the analogy as well.

Comment Re:Fuck the police (Score 1) 725

Young student got it bad 'cause I'm loud
And I know all my colors so teachers think
They got the authority to suspend a minority

Fuckin with me 'cause I'm a teenager
With a bad GPA and a pager
Searchin my locker, lookin for the product
Thinkin every sixth-grader is sellin narcotics

Comment Re:We are not at the final stop of evolution! (Score 1) 234

Protect people three generations from now? WHO GIVES A FUCK? You won't be there. Nobody you know will be there. They don't matter.

Your genes might be there. If you're careful.

That's my goal. I happen to believe that I've got a few traits I'd like to pass on, and actually do care that my personal contribution to the gene pool survives for multiple generations to come.

Course, the international alimony suits are a real pain, but think of the good I'm doing for HUMANITY!!

Comment Re:Should be taken seriously (Score 1) 234

Indeed, it seems inevitable that if true AI is created, it will end up being used as a banker....

FTFY. Seriously, corporations already have personhood status. It's not a big leap to replace the Board of Directors with an AI that would be more efficient in allocating shareholder resources. Cybernetic remote-control power-armor suits are too much fun for humans to drive - no one wants to outsource playing video games :-)

Comment Re:Should be taken seriously (Score 1) 234

I think that we are likely to see a synthesis of nano-tech and bio-tech, just as we will likely see a synthesis of AI and human-machine interfacing. I think that in a couple of decades we will start to see brain implants or headsets for communicating directly without a keyboard or screen: communication with other people and with computational services via the Internet - as it exists then.

So the line will become gray. And it will be a "slippery slope" from there.

WANT. Are you scared of your laptop? Why does it get scary when it gets smaller and has a HUD on your retina?

Honestly, though, where do you see a "slippery slope"? If it were possible to map the state of every neuron in your brain - and if there were a computational model capable of emulating a human brain - would you upload? Would you then consider that copy of yourself an AI, or a danger to humanity, or any of that? What if the meat-you died - would the still-conscious uploaded-you still control your finances, relationships, Slashdot account, etc.? Would you support legislation requiring that conscious beings without bodies be treated as chattel slaves, or be legal adults - able to enter into contracts? Why or why not? Remember that this already applies to corporations, not yet uploaded humans or AI's of any kind.

Yeah, I read too much sci-fi. But I think that even if these technologies never come to pass, discussing the legal and ethical implications is still interesting.

Comment Re:We do that here in the US (Score 1) 414

You can buy antibiotics intended for fish or cattle that are exactly the same medication at the same dosage as is prescribed by a doctor. There's no need to hoard them and be a Petri dish for MRSA. When I or a family member have an obvious bacterial infection (abcess, etc) I save money on the doctor and purchase off-the-shelf antibiotics from a feed store and take them 3x a day for 10 days, even if I feel better and the infection is completely gone after 3 days.

I hear the hospital is a great place to contract MRSA in the first place.

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