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Comment Re:Let's see what the judge says... (Score 2, Interesting) 462

I'll simply ask you to google "Adam Kokesh." He has been charged with violation of that ban. As a form of protest, he went into DC with a shotgun, turned on a video camera, loaded and made ready his weapon and then posted it on the internet.

Please learn and stop presuming. The NRA is a lobby group. They are still fighting that and many other laws. Lobbyists are most effective at preventing new law and helping to write new law. That's what lobbyists do.

Comment Government would be wise to fear government (Score 1, Informative) 80

After all, there are factions within government and if one doesn't agree with another, you may find yourself the victim of an unfortunate accident. Only a tiny minority of government gets the secret service and paramilitary police protecting them you know.

Perhaps we are seeing some government players waking up to the reality that even THEY have good reason to fear the government they are participating in.

Comment Re:Moral of story: Big government too powerful (Score 1) 462

Well you have reached a relatively sharp but small demographic. Let's try to get this on the "consumer media." (I am creating new words which better describe what they are. Mainstream media just doesn't describe them any longer as they are losing their relevance for so many. But they still remain the consumer media as they still control the minds of so many consumers out there.)

Comment Re:Rule of Law (Score 2, Interesting) 462

This sort of lawlessness and unaccountability is precisely what Michael Cannon testified to congress about. He asserted that what this leads to no one wants to think about. But that by following this path to its conclusion can end no other way as in all of human history, no one has succeeded in that sort of domination and abuse..

If you asked me if this was possible 20 years ago, I would have said "Yes, and they have already done it. We have some freedoms, but no real control. We're happy and comfortable slaves by and large." And it was true. There was a middle class and we had ways and means to improve our lives if we really wanted to. Not that we had any hope of being a 1%er or anyone particiarly powerful, but we could all potentially live a good life with reasonable comfort, safety and the ability for the persuit of happiness.

These days, the greed of wanting more and/or the ambition of the 1%ers trying to squeeze more people into their circles or whatever the hell has gone wrong, they have gone off the rails and exceeded the limits which have brought their evil into the light while people aren't distracted by TV and shopping and sports and celebrities. Instead, people are suffering while things are getting worse and they are already looking for people to blame. Bad way to treat your slaves 1%ers. You were supposed to keep us happy and unaware. You failed.

Comment Re:Let's see what the judge says... (Score 4, Informative) 462

Question: Does the judge have the authority to command an army of paramilitary police with ACTUAL assault weapons and armored vehicles? The DoJ does.

Another question: Despite the courts ruling that the Washington DC ban on firearms was unconstitutional, the law continues to be enforced. What weight does a judge's ruling have any longer?

The government (the executive) follows the law when it's convenient. It breaks the law when the law is inconvenient. And no one is interested in countering it.

Comment Re:...add variation in source. (Score 1) 111

There are a variety of possible sources of variation. And, since the part's (not illogical, if somewhat unhelpful for making firm predictions) thermal management strategy seems to be 'run as fast as possible; but don't die', those variations would show up in performance.

What I'd want to know (but am unlikely to find out) is whether AMD was actively misleading reviewers by sending them hand-picked especially good cards, or whether review cards come from the initial run, probably the one where AMD's people are mostly tightly and nervously observing the process, rather than the potentially more variable just-another-day-slapping-chips-on-cards production that follows.

Merely variation is only inconvenient, and may well mean that the usual 3rd-party overkill heatsinks actually help significantly. Actively misleading reviewers? Not So Good.

Comment Re:Power supply (Score 1) 270

And, depending on exactly how picky your computers are, and whether you buy oddball SFF machines or not, the PSU is the part that won't be well standardized, and will basically only be available in the correct size, shape, and connector collection either from the vendor or as dodgy aftermarket stock.

HDDs, at least, while there are super-premium-blessed-with-stickers ones, are something you can quite trivially buy compatible replacements for from just about anyone, at any time.

Comment Re:You're over-simplifying (Score 1) 509

This means nuns and monks were or should be very learned.

No, it doesn't. No amount of studying bogus superstition will make you "learned" about anything but bogus superstition. Further, within the environment of the church, the roles of monks and nuns were (and remain) very different; and even beyond that, the education they received was very different based on sex. Again, you're oversimplifying and that's leading you to blase, naive conclusions.

Should men call that chauvinism or backwards feminism?

Men should call that "a trap."

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