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Comment Re:Why replace? (Score 1) 462

Cell phone: Flaky, work about half the time anyway.

Hard Disk: Windows XP with every casino game known to man installed and out of date AV.

CRT TV?: By this time the thermistor/varistor that drives the degaussing loop is fried. Turning the TV 90deg in an open wheat field with the nearest ferrous structure 20 miles away will wank the static RGB convergence.

And it's your FAULT dammit!

Comment Re:Bosses earn too much (Score 1) 1018

I'm not sure I believe that any system can guarantee that you will not lose on a trade. At 100K a day, and assuming the software costs less than that, everyone would have and use the software. There would be no money anywhere else in the system after about a week. What happens when HF systems compete with each other? I am supposed to believe that software and timing can predict price movement with accuracy? I call bullshit. Show me the price chart. This is more Gordon Gekko wall street boogey man stupidity.

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