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Comment Re:Indian government develops computers? (Score 1) 294

Um, more people rising up from gutter rat to middle class, especially in the computer market, which is absolutely KILLER for bringing in foreign coin instead of just cycling rupees internally - how do you not see this as a HUGE win for India? They are big enough to execute and they remove some of the price because of reduced profit motive - just charge enough to cover costs, and wait for the inevitable benefits.

Comment Re:Lies, Damn Lies and Theft! (Score 4, Insightful) 525

I worked at one of the banks being lambasted here in a group that I left, within a year my peeps advised me that the group disappeared OVERNIGHT with no explanation. They pay big money to make the SEC an empty shell of what it's supposed to be doing (policing them). We need a big legal fence put up to keep these sharks away from "cash in a barrel" situations like being brokers and traders for the same products, and we need to vet any and all new products that hit the marketplace. Do we not remember the $4/gallon gas situation, an overnight doubling in price caused by pure speculation when we allowed oil companies to act as their own brokers? Wall Street banks bought oil companies and started Milken the public like crazy (pun unavoidable). Trusting Wall Street to not grab any and all cash it can any way it can is like trusting a starving 20 foot python to babysit your infant.

Comment Re:Coffee party (Score 1) 703

The central platform of the Coffee Party is campaign reform - the $100 cap on donations, repealing corporations having the same rights as individuals, etc. They're all about getting both sides of the aisle working for the people instead of special interests.

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