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Comment Re:Uhm... No, it's just spam. (Score 1) 340

I don't see why you think his account has been hacked.

I wondered about that, but I took it to mean that the uncle clicked a link and entered his account details before asking what the link was about, and so was 'hacked' in that sense, not that hacking was needed to fake the From: header.

There's the question of how the email associated the recipient and sender names, but that just suggests that a mutual friend's machine was harvested for addresses.

Comment Google Glasses are AR? (Score 1) 159

Are they likely to be augmented reality? With a glass reflector in front of the eye, I expect it to be more of a translucent HUD overlay.

They may well have gps+compass-based direction indicators for navigating, but I doubt that they'd be capable of a solid-looking images tracking accurately over what you see.

Comment Re:I'm skeptical... (Score 1) 92

I follow Curiosity on FaceBook (don't judge me) and it's silly that it's written from it's point-of-view, but seeing it announce that it would soon be Mayor of Mars actually made me laugh. Funnier than when it announced "I did a science!"

It's entertainingly done, and I get a feed of it's pictures without having to remember to check for them. Most missions are 'fire and forget" to much of the population, but this is staying in the news a lot more.

I just hope they don't hire Randall Munroe to write them.

Comment Re:Like the multi-user features (Score 0) 307

I know a number of families that make kids share an iPad

You can usually get refurbished iPods (from Apple, so good condition and 1yr warranty) for under $200, especially if not the latest version. Ideal for kids, as long as they're in a thick rubber case.

(There's a joke opening in my last sentence if anyone wants it.)

Comment Re:No ePub direct from Tor? (Score 1) 115

Buying a book from an ebbok bookseller doesn't have to mean DRM. While Amazon might force it, their competition does not.

That was the point - Amazon doesn't enforce it, it displays "this book is DRM-free at the request of the publisher" for some books now. But the poster was complaining that you still can't actually get that book without downloading it to a kindle.

Comment Re:Abused, yes. Most abused, probably not. (Score 1) 287

I think of synergy as as being the emergence of new properties, not simply scaling existing productivity

If I have one VCR*, I can record and play shows. If I have two identical VRCs, a new feature emerges, I can duplicate tapes!

One person struggles to assemble furniture because the parts fall over, with two people, one holds the parts while the other joins them together.

*A type of DVR with a long, rolled-up hard drive.

Comment Re:Cryptographically Scrambled Passwords (Score 4, Informative) 340

The 'additional info' link in the announcement says they use SRP, which I'd not heard of but seems to be a hash-based system.

the server carries a verifier for each user, which allows it to authenticate the client but which, if compromised, would not allow the attacker to impersonate the client

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